Update 4 -- Tomorrow!


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Ok so looks like depending on weapons issued the sniper may be getting a bit of a break. Trapper and Stalker have some very good group play improvements for the long range role.


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The knock out grenades seem like they might be a bit OP, but I'm on board for seeing how it goes. The smoke screens will be sexy if they work as intended. Might give the medic a break too, if you can actually revive someone who gets killed in that hard-to-revive spot.


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I took a quick look at some of the changes. The hostages on the updated institute were both moved closer to the center of the map in the central courtyard. You can pretty much see one from the other. They also moved one of the attacker spawn points parallel to the river and re positioned one of the ammo crates so you can fall back and get health/more ammo pretty easily.

The new extraction maps both have a lot of buildings and places to hide, it's going to be tougher then the current ones. You'll definitely need drones to flush people out.

The smoke grenades on the new support kit last about 15 seconds but provide pretty good cover.

The stalker sniper is silenced (which we knew), it fires a bit slower than the trapper's rifle, that's more semi-auto. The trap fires exactly like the satcom does for the sentinel.
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