Trying to get a website to post on Google, etc.


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Hello all, Delta here. First of all, Happy New Year! Question, Im making a website on, and its still in the works for our Elks club, the problem Im having is
that Im filling out the info that they provide , but it isn't popping up on a google search, or any search for that matter. When I provide the info for their form, before closing
out, it says "you havent provided a headline for the page, then closes" Im assuming thats it, but getting frustrated. Thanks for any help you can provide, MODs , this can be moved if
you need to, not sure if this was the place for it,. Thanks in advance, Delta!.... Oh, here is the site that I published so far Https:// What Im trying to do is get it to pop with a search of
Waltham Elks, Elks 953, Waltham/Watertown Elks, Watertown Elks..


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Not sure here. It might have to populate a little and need time before it shows up.


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You need to go to Google and get a key from them that you place in the root directory, so this will bring the search engine in full force. The same for Bing, yahoo, etc. Also, it takes a few days before you see any results. Also, try adding a Search engine optimization (SEO) to the site. If it is WordPress, they have SEO plugins available for free on the WordPress site.

Read this...


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What Gator said also make sure your site has the meta tags coded it this helps when refining the results :
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta name="description" content="Waltham Elks">
  <meta name="keywords" content="Waltham Elks, Elks 953, Waltham/Watertown Elks, Watertown Elks. ">
  <meta name="author" content="CDU-Delta">


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Its good when you have a go to group of nerds handy.


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Its good when you have a go to group of nerds handy.
Still trying, I know what needs to be done, Google needs to verify and I have the html, I dont know where to put it though, working on it through godaddy. The site is published fine, just isnt found with a search engine....


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How do I get my site verified by Google?

March 11, 2018 12:21
Using Google Webmaster Tools
In order to use Google's webmaster tools, such as Google Analytics you will need to verify your site with Google. Verifying your site allows Google to confirm that you own the web site.
Google provides instructions for verifying your site with them through their Webmaster Central support center. You can read the article here.
From Google's Support Site:
"You can add up to 1,000 sites, including news and mobile sites, to your account. In addition, we'll ask you to verify your site. This is because we need to know you own a site before we'll show you certain information about it or enable you to use our tools. Verification doesn't affect PageRank or affect your site's performance in Google's search results."
Google Verification | Getting Verified
Google provides you with two options for verifying your site with them. You will need to use the option to verify by using an HTML file
Note: since it is not possible to modify your web site's header in the Site Builder mode, you will need to use the HTML file method, not the meta-tag option.
How do I verify my site by uploading an HTML file?
To verify your site by uploading an HTML file:
  1. Sign into Google Webmaster Tools with your Google Account.
  2. Click Verify next to the site you want.
  3. In the Choose verification method list, select Upload an HTML file, and follow the steps on your screen.
  4. Using notepad, create the file that Google asks for and make sure to save it with the exact name they ask for (for example, google11e5844324b7354e.html).
    Tip: Make sure to select the option to save as all File Types when you are saving the file or you will end up with a file named google11e5844324b7354e.html.txt

    Note: The filename is case-sensitive and must have an ".html" extension. The file itself can be empty - we don't read the content of the file, but only check to see that it exists in the specified location. Upload the file to your web server to the location we specify. Generally, this is the root folder for your site.
  5. Once you have uploaded the file, click Verify button. We will verify that the file exists in the specified location. If we can't access the file, we'll give you information about the error we encountered. Once this problem is resolved, try to verify your site again.
Basically you should just have to FTP/ upload the file to the root of your site directory and hit verify
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