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Well, E3 brings some juicy details regarding The Division 2. We have a release date of March 2019 and registration for the beta is open. The new setting will be in Washington D.C., bringing with it new terrain, new enemies, and a 20 percent larger map. From the videos released so far, the game appears to be close in concept to the original game. It will still be a looter- shooter with RPG elements, meaning you'll still need to go for that rare loot. The good news is that they appear to have taken the end game seriously this time with the announcement of specializations for late game, including weapons specific to those classes. Below is an article from Ubisoft regarding late game content. One can only hope that the sins of the early versions of The Division are wiped away in this new version, and the new game feels, at the very least, like The Division post patch 1.8.

If you haven't been a part of The Division and want to give it a try, Ubisoft has it on sale for $10 right now. Ubisoft is planning content and community challenges right up until the release of The Division 2. Some of the events will score you swag for the upcoming new title. Just remember this is a 3rd person PvE shooter that's on the RPG side. One shot kills don't exist here. There are some PvP elements too in the form of the Dark Zone, conquest, and team death match arenas.

As they say, see you in the Dark Zone.
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