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We experienced outages around 9:00 PM last night, so as you probably guessed, I immediately put in a support ticket. I guess I'll have to look at the panel again, today.

This was their response:

Making you a new server.

Snapshots will make your server restart if the other server is on.

I only saw one instance, so maybe he was trying to tell me they moved us to new hardware.


I just wrote them back

Are you saying you are moving us to a new server? If so, will the IP/port change? Do I need to do anything? I'm confused.
They must be working on it now, because we recycling again. I'll keep you briefed.

Our provider's response to the TeamSpeak outage issue:

"Valued Customer,

We installed the Ts3 server update.
The update is not working for us so we had to revert to a backup while Teamspeak Devs figure out the issue.
Update the ticket only if your server is still offline.


PLEASE REPLY - If you would like to continue to communicate with the admin handling this support request.
Thank You For Being A Client - From The Clanwarz Support Team"
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