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Prior to renting the TeamSpeak VPS test server, I tested Discord extensively for a week to see if it offered the same or better functionality as TeamSpeak. My findings were as follows:

Discord Pros
  • Includes a web widget (although the widget does not auto expand and has a set height, which requires scrolling if too many users are online)
  • Has the ability to act as an online chat app, so you can contact friends and fellow gamers anytime (if running)
  • Has a built in game overlay, so you can see who’s in channel and who is talking. (For those of us who have a 4k, however, The text and icon are really small)
  • Shows what game friends are playing in the status section
  • It's FREE
Discord Cons
  • Sound quality is acceptable, but does not sound near as good as TeamSpeak (very noticeable to me)
  • Confusing chat channels which do not coincide (or attached) with the voice channels (they are separate entities)
TeamSpeak 3 Pros
  • Outstanding voice quality
  • Has chat channels that coincide with each voice channel
  • Coming out with the new TeamSpeak 5, which may prove to have more functionality than Discord
  • Extensive permission system
TeamSpeak 3 Cons
  • No built in web widget for online status, which requires website to find their own
  • No built in game ovelay, although Overwolf work just fine (when installed)
  • No chat channel to communicate with friends and fellow gamers when not in TeamSpeak
  • Confusing permission system
  • Not FREE (well, 32-user is free, but requires a server or extra PC to run)
For now, anyway, I will stay with TeamSpeak, as I am spoiled with the sound quality and the channel chat features. Please comment below and offer what you think about each.


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