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TeamSpeak vs. Discord


TAC Member
Prior to renting the TeamSpeak VPS test server, I tested Discord extensively for a week to see if it offered the same or better functionality as TeamSpeak. My findings were as follows:

Discord Pros
  • Includes a web widget (although the widget does not auto expand and has a set height, which requires scrolling if too many users are online)
  • Has the ability to act as an online chat app, so you can contact friends and fellow gamers anytime (if running)
  • Has a built in game overlay, so you can see who’s in channel and who is talking. (For those of us who have a 4k, however, The text and icon are really small)
  • Shows what game friends are playing in the status section
  • It's FREE
Discord Cons
  • Sound quality is acceptable, but does not sound near as good as TeamSpeak (very noticeable to me)
  • Confusing chat channels which do not coincide (or attached) with the voice channels (they are separate entities)
TeamSpeak 3 Pros
  • Outstanding voice quality
  • Has chat channels that coincide with each voice channel
  • Coming out with the new TeamSpeak 5, which may prove to have more functionality than Discord
  • Extensive permission system
TeamSpeak 3 Cons
  • No built in web widget for online status, which requires website to find their own
  • No built in game ovelay, although Overwolf work just fine (when installed)
  • No chat channel to communicate with friends and fellow gamers when not in TeamSpeak
  • Confusing permission system
  • Not FREE (well, 32-user is free, but requires a server or extra PC to run)
For now, anyway, I will stay with TeamSpeak, as I am spoiled with the sound quality and the channel chat features. Please comment below and offer what you think about each.



TAC Member
Personally, I think sound quality kind of rules supreme here. Most of the time, you're hearing or interacting with the TeamSpeak (or whatever) over the top of whatever you're playing so it needs to be loud enough and clear enough to get through the game noise. I don't see the donation page anymore, but would be happy to contribute toward TeamSpeak costs.


TAC Member
I don't see the donation page anymore, but would be happy to contribute toward TeamSpeak costs.
I'm evaluating donations at the moment, as I am thinking of going it alone for TeamSpeak and the Webserver, however I may open donations back again in the future for a game server perhaps. Thanks for inquiring ...It is really appreciated. You always gave before and it really helped us keep the lights on. By the way, nice to see you again, Copyc4t :) Battlefield is just around the corner...


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I have been doing similar testing. You nailed it on the head with the pro's and con's for both.

I am waiting to see what happens on the next iteration of teamspeak. DISCORD is simple but I have to admit I just love teamspeak. Even the pro gamers use it.

If I had to make a decision, I would lean to teamspeak. Main reason is this, sound quality. The features included in discord is nice but I don't use most of those. I want an application to talk to teammates and so far, teamspeak does it the best. Discord is a close second. The money spent on teamspeak to me is worth it for the sound quality.


TAC Member
I personally prefer Discord. The functionality and simplicity of permissions trump Teamspeak in my opinion. For the argument of poor sound quality, there is an option in Discord to turn up the tick rate for the channels; maybe that could solve the "poor voice" quality?

I have a server within my house that I run my Teamspeak server on. I've signed up for the Teamspeak 5 Beta, so I will hopefully be on the first to test out the new program. There hasn't been much information released on TS5, but I'm hoping it will bridge the good qualities of both Discord and Teamspeak 3. :D


TAC Member
I tend to lean toward TS only because the pros of Discord I really dont use. I despise overlays etc and disable them immediately. All I want to be able to do is shoot, move, and communicate. I can work with either , and have, but prefer TS overall.
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