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Some you may have noticed that there is a new TeamSpeak test server listed on the Voice Servers page. With TeamSpeak 5 coming out soon (Q4), I wanted to have a way of hosting a TeamSpeak 5 server during the Beta testing (if possible). I also wanted to see if it was feasible and/or practical to host our own TeamSpeak server in the future vs. renting one from a TeamSpeak hosting provider, so I decided to rent a cheap Windows VPS and put TS3 through the test.

For those who don’t know, you can download TeamSpeak 3 server files for your personal use for up to 32 users at no cost. The personal TeamSpeak 3 server (32-users) is now running on the VPS I rented. I also created a Windows service to keep it running should the TS3 server ever fail, or the OS system ever needs to be restarted.
Please feel free to stop by and check out the VPS TS3 test server by clicking on the server name " (connect)" here . One thing I did notice is that you join quickly when joining. Go ahead and create a few channels and see how you like it. Also, the server is on a Gigabyte connection, so he file transfers are fast. :geek:
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