STAR TREK 4 Canceled - Report


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Paramount's Star Trek 4 has been canceled, according to Deadline.

The Hollywood trade reports that the untitled film which would have been the fourth in the franchise which began with 2009's J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek has been "shelved."

Director SJ Clarkson was reportedly signed on to direct the now cancelled film. Clarkson will direct the pilot for HBO's upcoming untitled Game of Thrones prequel show.

The film, which in one iteration would reportedly have brought back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk in a time travel adventure, first ran aground in August 2018 when Hemsworth and James T. Kirk actor Chris Pine reportedly exited the film over budgetary issues.

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Not surprising. I have mixed feelings on this mainly because I'm still torn about these films not really being Star Trek. They got the J. J. Abrahms makeover that focuses on action and wide appeal over story. I like the new films, just miss the Roddenberry ideals. Maybe this will give them room to go another direction.


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I kinda looked at the reboot movies as an alternate /parallel universe type thing where pretty much the same stuff happens just to different characters or in a slightly different way. My theory is one morning after a serious night of green girl sex Kirk let a serious SBD in the shower and passed out. This caused a divergence in the time line and the reboots are that alternate universe while the original series is after he woke up. Hey its possible... ask The Doctor.
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