Special Operations announced for Year 2:


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And the following nugget from the dev Q&A:

7. Are you planning any PVE content beyond challenges?
We are yes, but it’s too early for us to share any details on that yet!
I know this isn't a lot of detail or new info to many of you, but this is what's been communicated in terms of what's in the pipeline.

Update: I just realized this is the Ghost War subforum. Here's a couple more relevant pieces of info:

8. Will we ever have more use for our Prestige credits?

Actually, we are planning a revamp of our Prestige economy for Special Operation 2. So stay tuned.

9. Are you ever going to implement features supporting Custom Matches in Ghost War?

You can definitely expect more to come on those topics, starting with Special Operation 2.


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Maybe it is back to Ghost Wars we go? I'm hoping for a good update. They better make all maps TDM. Take a page from Seige and do multiple operation types for each map.
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