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Nov 16, 2017

-Medic will no longer have mines, but will get flash bangs instead.
-Mine bug which let medics revive through a mine was fixed ( :( )
-Tech will lose C4 for Proximity Mines (new type of mine that sticks to surfaces, blows up on proximity, and does less damage than a mine)
-Echelon assault class with sonar goggles added (new type of vision mode)
-Hollow Point Ammo perk for Marksman -- Adds 90 seconds of bleed damage to anyone hit by a bullet and renews the timer on every subsequent hit. Disables adrenaline and battle rage.
-5 new maps for the Sabotage game mode.
-Pointman DPS lowered by a little on both guns.
-Splinter Cell PVE stuff added with new NVG goggle rewards (not sure about PVP crossover)
-6 new classes announced for Year 2.
-KO Gas trap fixed (many instances of it not working)
-Stalker can no longer unaware mark everyone with the recon tower (!!! how did we not use this !!!)


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Jan 31, 2015


Year 2 Pass
The Year 2 Pass will grant one-week early, direct access to all six Year 2 Classes of the Ghost War PVP Mode. The pass also includes eight Battle Crates (four Spec Ops and four Ghost War Crates), and the Splinter Cell Equipment Pack.
The Splinter Cell Equipment Pack includes:
- The SC-4000 Assault Rifle
- The Five-Seven Blacklist weapon skin
- The Karambit Knife granting players a new, exclusive CQC move thanks to the Echelon Gloves from Blacklist
- The Splinter Cell Outfit, also including the Karambit Knife CQC move and Sam Fisher’s Night Vision Goggles
- Two new Night Vision Goggles with their own night vision filter, with a flip-down animation
- 3 new weapon cammos
To activate the Karambit Knife CQC, the Echelon Gloves or Splinter Cell Costume must be equipped.
Splinter Cell Special Challenge
The free Splinter Cell Special Challenge will be available for all players for one month, starting on April 10th. The rewards for completing this mission are Sam Fisher’s Night Vision Goggles with their own Splinter Cell vision, new Proximity Mines and a Splinter Cell Patch. The mission will still be accessible after the challenge is over, but the rewards will no longer be available. The mission starts in La Cruz.
AI Teammate Customization
In our Campaign Mode, AI Teammates outfits can now be customized via the Charactersmith menu. Please note that the gender, face and weapons cannot be customized via Charactersmith.

In Sabotage, teams take turns in defending or attacking two radio transmitters. The attackers must activate one radio transmission and defend it until it finishes, while the defenders must either stop the transmission or prevent the activation in the first place.

We've added a new Assault class called Echelon. This is available one-week early with the Year 2 Pass, and can also be purchased with Prestige Credits.
Echelon: The Echelon Class is equipped with Ultra High Frequency Sonar Goggles, standard equipment to Fourth Echelon agents. When activated, it sends sonar pulses that reveal enemy players in his vicinity for a short time. This allows the Echelon to gain tactical advantage over its enemies, especially when used under low-visibility situations like nighttime or inside smoke clouds. Also, the ability's range is greatly reduced while moving, so keep still for maximum effect. The Echelon also comes equipped with the brand new proximity mines.
Medic: We have replaced the Medic's mines with flashbangs.
Tech: We have replaced the Tech's C4 with proximity mines.
Pointman: We have reduced the damage output of his ACR and AK-12 by small amounts to bring them to a similar level and balance the class.
We've introduced one new Marksman perk called Hollow Point Ammo.
Hollow Point Ammo: The Hollow Point Ammo perk applies bleeding damage over time, for 90 seconds, with every bullet hit. If the enemy is already affected by it, every bullet that hits will refresh the duration. Additionally, while the effect is active, Battle Rage and Adrenaline Rush will not regenerate health. Interacting with a supply crate will remove the bleeding effect.
Rating Decay: We've introduced Rating Decay which applies when players are not participating in Ranked matches for a set amount of time. The decay makes a player's rating go down on a daily basis which often leads to rank demotion, though it stops applying for players that are Silver or Bronze. To prevent this from happening, players must be active in Ranked matches on a regular basis.
Rewards: We've increased the amount of Prestige Credits that are awarded at the end of the season.
Proximity Mine: We've introduced a new type of explosive device, favored by Fourth Echelon agents, called a Proximity Mine. Similar to the C4, it can be attached to walls and other surfaces, and detonates when detecting an enemy in proximity. It cannot be defused and the damage it deals is lower than a regular mine.
Tutorials: The Tutorials page has been re-worked for better visibility and quicker navigation between pages of interest, removing the need to cycle between all pages to reach a certain tutorial.
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