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Well, as some of you guys know I work for a food manufacturing company in the IT department and have since Jan 1 2016 after getting laid off from a safety equipment and rail car loading equipment company. Since I started the company has pretty much tripped its volume and sales. This is a good thing except they are still in the mindset of the company I started at almost 4 yrs ago and do not like to hire people.
As the Systems Engineer I am responsible for all Servers, Switching, Infrastructure (Fiber and Copper) as well as the security systems telephones etc. This would not be an issue normally except well its only me. I have a break fix guy that maintains the endpoints such as printers, workstations, and general help desk stuff but otherwise yer looking at the guy. 35 servers, 53 switches, 30 biometric access controll devices and 83 video cameras along with the switching for that network, that love to just take a shit whenever they feel like it, and all the infrastructure in between.

So far this year in addition to the above:
a) Replaced the old phone PBX and handsets with a new hosted PBX and new phones.
b) Have updated the old Wi-Fi network and expanded the coverage to 83 APs from 25 and added a controller server
c) We have added 3 new warehouses with 2 more in the process of being built so all fiber, copper APs network switching and cameras etc. so far about 1.2 million Sq Ft.
d) Added 2 Remote Warehouses Domain controller and a couple of servers plus APs etc there as well
e) replaced older switching throughout
f) Added a EMC storage array with multiple host machines and am rolling older servers to VMs
g) and the current drain on my time and sanity... Segmenting the friggin network.

This would have been a LOT easier if the previous IT guy would have actually been you know an IT guy and not someone with a degree in finance. I suppose back in the day, before my boss got here, it worked but I walked into a 25 year old cluster fu*k of a network that at that time needed help and now NEEDS immediate relief before it completely shits the bed.

So yeah that's whats been going on. For the past 8 months or so its been get up @ 5AM, Go to work, til 5 to 7 or later on a good day, come home, deal with stuff the wife/ parents need, eat, go to bed. Rinse repeat. I swear if it didn't pay so well I would be outta here. Haven't had a real vac in 4 yrs but dam the yearly bonus/vac payout/ etc is nice. Last yr I woke up one morning with 11 grand in the bank. I was like "OK this has gotta be a mistake." hahaha. It wasn't.

Hopefully I'll be able to settle down or at least get some help soon.
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