PUBG Bans Pro Players, 30,000 Others For Cheating


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I always liked those excuses to why I am not cheating.
1 - I am a pro player
2 - I stream on twitch

I still say most anti cheat engines do a good job of catching players cheating. That is what they do.
Unfortunately, I think the companies that own the games are doing a poor job of banning the players that do get caught.
An anti-cheat system is only as good as the penalties that goes with it. A penalty needs to be severe enough to not make these players want to do it again.
A 3 day or a 1 week temp ban does nothing but prove they can continue to cheat.

Glad these guys are getting hit with a 3 year temp ban. 13 pro players in all were caught.


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All I have to say to that is wow. This hack that wasn't a local program that was using a VPN to gather the data from the server is just amazing can't believe that something like this could exist in the gaming world. Hopefully, this will open the eyes of other game devs and allow them to find more cheaters in other games making a better community for gamers.



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That is one sophisticated cheat to use VPN packet sniffing tech to gather player location data. Makes you wonder how they detected that hack. Good riddance to these hackers. Sadly, it seems no matter the sport, cheating/hacking seems prevalent at the highest level. How many pro athletes have gone down over doping/drug use?
If I'm not mistaken they did a background scan of a certain file that shows the connection info as radar is a go between.
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