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Came across a thread in the Ubisoft forums where there was mention of two perks impacting some gun attributes in addition to their stated descriptions. As previously mentioned, Dexterity seems to increase handling on a gun. It was also mentioned that accuracy may be boosted with Steady Hands in a similar manner. Essentially, the forum poster theorizes that using these perks adds a percentage increase to these attributes. There is some merit to this argument when you look at the Sentinel Class (yes, I went into a custom match and tried it out). The SR-25 has moderate handling (~50% of the bar) and with Dexterity, nearly all recoil seems to be eliminated. If you, however, take the PSG-1 into a match (~10% of the bar for handling), you'll not see the same recoil savings. The guns that benefit the most from this set up, if the theory holds, are ones with moderate accuracy or handling stats that you can get the most bang for the buck on. Hence, the SR-25 becomes "god-like" when you take its high accuracy and then boost its handling significantly with Dexterity. This also happens with the MK-17 on the Tech.

I'm still working on testing variations to look at the assertions of the original forum poster, but so far I can repeat his claims that most automatic weapons don't dramatically benefit from the recoil advantage Dexterity brings. You can notice a change with the Enforcer. You do a lot less "pulling down" on the mouse to keep your gun on target. The main benefit with Dexterity on the Enforcer is straight up the reload time and weapon switching. You can almost non-stop fire the super shorty and reloading your LMG is reasonable. You may also see benefits using it on the ACR (Pointman) or the M4A1 (Diversionist). Where you won't see strong benefits are the Sniper (too slow firing for the handling benefit to be noticeable) and most of the Support classes.

I have not had a lot of time to play around with Steady Hands to straight up look at the accuracy impacts, but some of that may be attributed to its huge impacts on hip fire and taking away ALL additional bullet spread from firing while moving (Ya, those snipers that seem to never stop moving to take a shot). Again, if the theory holds, you're really looking for guns that have decent to high handling with medium accuracy. This is the reverse of the guns you'd use with Dexterity. The goal is to maximize both stats to really create that "perfect" weapon. If the gun has trash handling and medium accuracy, you may not even be able to keep the gun on target, so all of the benefits of a highly accurate weapon are lost (mostly in the automatic weapon department).

Both Steady Hands and Dexterity have their primary stated purposes, but if the theory continues to hold about "hidden" stat boosts to your gun, you may be able to take these underwhelming perks to the next level by maximizing when/where to use them on certain classes with certain guns.

Have you all had good luck in using these perks since the last patch? Have you noticed a change in how the guns operate using these perks on specific classes? I know at least three of us are destroying with the SR-25 using Dexterity.
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