PC update delayed


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I think we all knew that was going to happen. Two maps for a mode was not enough to make it viable. I was hoping for a larger set of new maps across all of the modes. I guess that'll have to wait until April, if the game makes it that long with Far Cry 5.


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if the game makes it that long with Far Cry 5.
I never thought of it in this light till you said this, there are some highly devoted WildLands players that may hang
in there, but it may end up being a big "rinse and repeat" cycle of the same small pool of players.
Man I hope that's not the case, WildLands never got the attention it deserved from the starting line and deserves a better finale
than that.
Thanks for making me think ;)


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Well at least they delay the push when they find bugs unlike certain other developers I can mention. Ahem looking at you DICE.


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The new bass arrived yesterday and when I turned on the PC it started downloading and I was like " Aww, Hell naw!" Ill set the download for tonight wilst I go play cards and drink Japanese Whiskey a buddy sent to me.
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