Keeping the reputation high


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Just keeping the reputation up this evening. Me and that sun852720381 guy before this match had a level 4 and a level 5 on our team on Quarry. Went up against two guys with JTF tags Prestige 7 and I think 8 and C-Y-M-S-T-A-R, I think I've seem him around. We went 2-0 on Quarry with them. Sniped C-Y-M-S-T-A-R several times over when they tried to rush. Got him to call me a glitch, I was very happy with that! Finally got the Pathfinder unlocked, and the results are positive as evidenced by this match!


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Yeah, STAR is a rusher no matter who he has with him, and at times he is reckless, but once you know his play pattern it is
not too hard to stop him. If he has a solid team though he can prove to be pretty sneaky at times for those who are not
familiar with his weird rushing style. Thanks for sharing that man. PeAcE
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