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Hi everyone,

Hope ya'll have been doing great. Things finally turned around for me I don't work for Walmart anymore. I finally made it into IT after 15 years of hell with Walmart. The corporate life is where it's at. They actually respect you here and they treat everyone extremely well. Now, I quite literally get to sit on my ass all day lulz. I'm almost done with school got about another 6 classes to go. I'm aiming for next summer to graduate considering funds hold out. Hope ya'll been having a good time I'll cya around :)


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Welcome to the profession my man. Been in Corp IT about 20 yrs, IT in general 30 plus. Trust me it's not all smiles and roses. Had a set of patches load up on our exchange server and I was at the office till 2:30 AM Wed. and then had a 45 min drive home.was back at 8:15 the next AM. Stuff happens but hey if ya stay on top of stuff it is few and far between.
Just remember one thing when you get that shiny degree, no matter how much you think you know, a LOT of it is outdated and old dudes like me have forgotten more than you were taught. :geek:
Greybeards are your friends... learn from them. (y)


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Hey Ding! Glad to hear you're finally out of that shithole buddy! I'm about to build myself a new PC (within thw next month or so). Give me call sometime fucker!


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Hey Ding Welcome to the wonderful world of IT. Just remember a few key phrases "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" watch plenty of the IT crowd! ohh and I'm sure you'll have your share of PECK errors. (problem exists between chair and Keyboard) If you need anything give me a shout! its always good to have other techs as sounding boards
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