How To Throw Grenades Tips & Tricks


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Throwing grenades in game has been a topic of discussion lately. How are people throwing them so far, how are they getting them around corners and so forth. There has even been a couple hacking claims made by the lower ranking people coming into the game because they do not understand how the mechanics work.

The video is not mine and all credit goes to DeltaElite who plays mostly on the PS4 platform. With that said the concepts are exactly the same no matter the platform you play on. Enjoy!

Hope this helps.


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I think I knew everything this guy said, but some interesting tips on how to "flick" for sure. Most of these techniques are super helpful in Scrapyard with roof top grenade fights. It's basically instant detonation throwing between the two red roofs.


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Kinda disheartening that a video needed to be made to explain this to people haha. These are things that have been around forever. Since he coverewd all the old stuff he shouldda included bank shots in there as well haha.


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Maybe I should do a video on how to mortar in scrapyard. I love clearing them out on the second floors.
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