Other Games Gunner Unlock "Cheese" and Tips


TAC "Reserve"
If you're working to unlock the Gunner class or to get the season pass perks for the same class, do know you can sneak your way around some of the restrictions. For example, anyone in your squad can complete requirements for you. Need to kill 50 confused enemies? Just bring along some friends and their confused enemy kills count too.

One of the most irritating ones is getting 100 kills in the open world with mounted guns. Any kill counts as a mounted gun kill as long as one person is operating the gun. That means one guy can be sitting on the gun and someone else can rack up the bodies in the general area. A lot faster than waiting for control points to flip.

One last tip is dealing with the Basilisk quest. This one requires removing all of his armor before killing him. It is easy to accidentally kill him before removing all 6 pieces of his armor (head, chest, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg). Use stunning gadgets like foam with a good pistol to carefully strip him of his armor. Start with the harder pieces like his shoulders and legs. If his health is below 1/4 with more than one piece remaining, make sure to let him kill you or you'll be replaying a lot of the mission to try again should you kill him too early.
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