Greetings TAC :)


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Greetings, I am a Loving father of 3 precious girls, and my wife Carol I have been with for the past 17yrs.
I game to relieve stress, living in the estrogen ocean will provide tons of that, I promise.
I joke, but I have been gaming off and on since the old KumaWar days, as well as Americas Army, BFBC2 and
BF3, after 3 I gave up on the series, but after learning about new modes that may appear soon I am thinking
of taking a look at the series anew.
I am retired, but I stay busy, I was a private contractor for BNSF for many years. I game to have fun and relieve stress,
don't get me wrong I love to win and when I'm on they know I am there :) but for me it's about the peeps. I am social
gamer, appreciating the social aspects.

I have read the "How To" vid's posted by Gator and had the rules mentioned to me By AxelRod, they all are rules I am familiar with
so adhering to them won't be hard, some are common sense :)
Thanks for having me and making me feel welcome, that's cool.
I have some other side hobbies and interests but I am not listing them all here, this is long enough lol.
Hope to get to frag with you all real soon, Stay Frosty :)
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