Greetings! Hey man, nice shot!


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Hello Everyone,

Had a good few games last night on Ghostwar with you peeps! I thought I'd come and introduce myself. I don't get a lot of time to game anymore but spend a little bit of time where I can. I can't count how many hours I spent on Counterstrike and Counterstrike Source back in the day. Then kind of switched over to Call of Duty 4. Battlefield 4 was my go to online time for most of the years it has been out. When they launched Ghostwar I finally picked up GhostRecon and it has definitely been worth it. I dabble in some BF1 once in a while as well and I noticed you guys are also active there, good stuff!

I've got a long and illustrious history of moving around. But let's just say I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada to keep things simple. Married, couple of kids, cushy government job. Overall life is good.

That's my spiel, don't mean to bore ya, nice to meet you all!

(I'll have to get me a mic one of these days, I've been missing out on the action in Ghostwar for sure without one)


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Hey, Silvaticus, and welcome to the community. Your story, game wise, is very similar to ours. Stop by our TS server ( and game with us.


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I don't know if you all remember, but he use to game with us all the time in our BF4 server that we use to have. He is a good dude.


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Yeah it was fun. You would think with over a dozen guys still playing it, we could put up a server and fill it. Had to let it go because no one in that group wanted to get it started so it sat empty.
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