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TAC "Reserve"
Now you can see from this extensive report https://www.wepc.com/news/video-game-statistics/ what makes video game publishers the most money.

Here are the PC sales https://www.wepc.com/news/video-game-statistics/#pc-gaming
Here are the combined Console Sales https://www.wepc.com/news/video-game-statistics/#console-gaming

As you can clearly see, the PC games makes just a little bit more money than the consoles combined.

Sony Playstation 4
Nintendo Switch
XBox One
Nintendo 3DS
Sony Playstation Vita
Sony Playstation 3
Nintendo Wii U
Sony PSP
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS

The only thing doing better than PC currently is mobile gaming on phones.
Why can't the publishers give us a game deserving of the PC community?
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