For all my fellow Chrome users - New Ad Blocker


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Chrome is releasing a 64-bit update today that will include a new Ad blocker that is now part of the browser itself (not an add-on). If your browser has not yet updated, simply go to HELP > ABOUT and it will auto update. You can read more about the Ad blocker function here...


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Google says it will first evaluate sites for violations of the above standards, then inform the offending sites and make reports available to them via an API, and then begin blocking ads on those pages after 30 days. It’s worth noting that if a site is in violation of the Better Ads standards, all ads on its pages will be blocked, and not just the ads that aren’t in line.
I use FF, and AdGuard, I also use AdGuard DNS servers on my wifi and Wired internet.
I guess my question is, will they wait a full 30days to see if the offending site will comply before blocking ?
That's what it reads as in that first paragraph, that scares me.
I would use chrome, and if I did (for now) AdGuard would be part of my security setup from what i'm seeing.
Cool Share Gator, Thanks :)
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