EA says it will not make the same Battlefront II bug in Battlefield 5


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Jan 31, 2015

Electronic Arts has learned the lesson. During the investor and analyst meeting this week, EA executive director Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensentalked about Battlefield 5 and how their experience with Star Wars: Battlefront IIhas served them well. lesson.

Electronic Arts has learned the lesson
Jorgensen mentioned that EA is studying the reserves of the game and the purchase intention of Battlefield 5 , as well as the conversations that revolve around the next title of the saga, to get an idea of how successful it will be.
Wilson, meanwhile, spoke about the upcoming content delivery for Star Wars: Battlefront II . He indicated that the objective was to offer a large and complete game in which people continued to participate thanks to new and updated content. However, after problems with the progression and monetization system, EA states that they "have learned and solved" the error after launching a completely new progression system .

In this sense, and thinking about the release of Battlefield 5 on October 19 , the company wants to show that it has learned from that experience. Its objective is to launch a "spectacular game" with all the functions, both for a player and with multiplayer, new and traditional modes , including the battle royale mode .
Wilson added that EA understands that players expect to play the game for many months and years , so the company has already designed a long-term service plan for the game, with new content and game modes.

And yet EA and DICE will not talk about any Rental Server Program. I say "BULLSHIT"! EA is constantly making promises and stating that they learned from the last game yet it seems they have no intention of improving the Rental Server Program or going back to 3rd party Rental Servers. I say enough with the talk EA. Prove it "SOON!' I am still waiting on the "better player experience" that Ali Hasson keeps promising. He fucked up BF1. He then Fucked up SWBF2. Now he is in charge for BF5. I have said this before and I will say it again, if there is a way for Ali Hassoon to fu*k up a game, he will be the one to find it and then add it into the game.

After all the failed EA/DICE games, Battlefield Hardline, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront 2, there is no way in hell I will pre-order Battlefield 5. I do not plan on buying it at launch. If there are a large number of ALLIANCE members playing this game in an admin controlled server, then I will consider it after the game has been out for 30 days. I have better things to blow my money on. I will not support crap made games any longer. This will be the first battlefield game that I do not pre-order. this is the first Battlefield game that I do not plan to buy and have at launch.

Long Term Service Plan my ass. EA and DICE can't get long term players since Battlefield 4 which has nearly the same amount of players the BF1 has. I am not suggesting to anyone to not buy the game. I am just letting you all know that I will not be there at launch if ever.


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Sep 26, 2016
Darlington, SC
I'm willing to give a small benefit of the doubt here. I know Ali HowSoon promised a LOT of stuff that did not transition to reality. I am also keenly aware that it was probably because he shot off his mouth about what was "Coming Soon!" on Twitter and Reddit while other developers were much more contained about upcoming features. Fact is neither he nor any other developers at DICE are in a position to make any calls where the development time is allocated nor what features we see. For that I blame EA and the beancounting MBAs in the head office. This is what happens when a company founded and run by gamers gets sold to mega publishers NOT run by gamers.
I'm hopeful for BF5. I liked the limited Alpha and many items were identified that needed work. We will see how much of that is addressed. In the CTE we would notify them of issues and they would be pushed to live and take MONTHS to fix. That's one of the things that need to change. Pre order? Neg! Launch day purchase? Maybe depending on server status etc. F Them? Maybe citing the same as the previous.
Who knows what kind of time I will have available what with the new band and all but we will see. On that note I ordered the mixer for my PC, mics, Boom Arms etc and they should be here today. Hopefully I will get some stuff recorded soon for the YouTubes and cross posting here etc.
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