EA confirms that Anthem is delayed until 2019


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EA has confirmed that Anthem, the company’s upcoming open-world, multiplayer action-RPG from developer BioWare, has officially been delayed to 2019, according to a report fromThe Wall Street Journal (via Polygon.)
Anthem was originally announced at E3 2017 as a wholly new property, with a planned fall 2018 release date that it seems it will no longer be making. At the time, EA showcased a flashy gameplay demo, showing off giant exosuit wearing “freelancers” in an online world that looks not unlike Bungie’s Destiny games, complete with an emphasis on collecting weapons and items through randomized drops.
According to EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen, despite moving the release date to 2019, “it’s not a delay.” Instead, EA views the move as an opportunity to give Anthem a chance to get more attention as a new property than if it was forced to compete in a more crowded fall marketplace. EA will be releasing a new Battlefield title in the fall to fill Anthem’s vacated slot in the schedule, although no details have been announced beyond that.
Jorgensen also disputed a report from Kotaku last week that claimed that development was behind schedule, claiming that “people are trying to create a story.”



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I hope it's because they maybe , hopefully have decided that putting out shitty programs with crappy mechanics and money grabbing MTX isn't a smart thing to do and delayed it so that its a game that lives up to the hype.

Me Jaded about anything EA touches? Noooooooo not me.


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They saw what’s going on with Destiny 2 and don’t want to end up in the same mess. Hopefully the extra time helps.


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AAAAANNNNND EA has pretty much confirmed the Star Crates will be back in SWBF2 soon. I effing hate these companies . Really I do. I guess you could say Rocksmith has MTX as well but it is actual dlc content that expands the game. I dont feel as dirty knowing I pay about the same for a download of a song in RS as I do for one on an Ipod I mean they do have to pay licensing fees and all.
This rng loot crate bull shit gets all up under my skin though.
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