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EA CFO selling off his EA stock


TAC Member
If you guys think it is not looking to good, EA CFO Blake jorgenson just sold 10500 shares of his EA.

You do not sell off any of your stock when you have the big hit video getting ready to launch that will make your shares go up in value.
You sell it off when you know your shares are getting ready to bottom out.

If the leadership at EA is thinks the game is going to bomb, then it is not a good time.


TAC Member
All of the CEO/CFO/COO have a SEC document that are based on a schedule, months in advance. He still owns 14 million dollars worth of EA stock....
I find it hard to believe that he was trying to liquidate it, I mean look what Wolfzero stated....... he still has 14 million worth...... Probably bought a new Bentley or a Chalet in France, or an Ex-Wife!
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