Command & Conquer - EA Irritating Fans


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Nov 16, 2017
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This really pains me to see because Command and Conquer is a game series I grew up on. I spent hours playing Red Alert and modding it too. I owned many of the titles. Now, EA is taking the franchise down a dangerous path.

The latest addition to the series is a mobile phone game involving point capture wrought with microtransactions. It is a mediocre game they skinned with the franchise IP. Now an EA Producer is saying they want to remaster the original games because they "heard the community." Based on some of the comments I am reading and my own personal feelings, that is not the case. The community is looking for a re-entry into the PC market, not a micro transaction retread.

I know some remasters have done well, like Microsoft revisiting Age of Empires. The games certainly look beautiful in comparison to the originals. It is just hard to justify $30+ for a retread RTS I already played to death. It's like Nintendo continuing to resell NES games on newer platforms.

I hope they do the right thing in either letting the series die or giving it a proper title release.
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