Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Closed/Open Beta Signup


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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Closed/Open Beta is available this weekend for PC players, so be sure to sign up [here] if you are interested. It requires Blizzard's app (like Origin for EA games) to run. This is what Forbes magazine had to say:

"PC players are the only ones getting an open beta this coming weekend. Note: This time around, the game will be on instead of Steam. If you do happen to pre-order Black Ops 4 on PC, however, you'll be able to join in the beta day early."

PC Start times:
Private beta starts: August 10th @ 10 am PT.
Open beta starts: August 11th @ 10 am PT.
Ends: August 13th @ 10 am PT.

Download Blizzard's App here


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Okay, I pre-ordered the "Standard" edition on Amazon Prime (20% off) for $51, But Jenksterman said Amazon won't have the Beta keys ready until tomorrow, 9 August. I will be ready to play on Friday. I created a CoD: Black Ops channel in Teamspeak, so we are all set. Any and all like-minded folks are welcome to join. :)


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This weekend will see me in full on, in depth, practice mode with the full band. Much to my wife's consternation, I will be eating, sleeping, etc there so I will leave Friday afternoon and she will see me Sunday afternoon when I return. She is becoming quite displeased with my mid life crisis.

Told her at least I haven't bought a sports car and started chasing 25 yr olds. She informed me i could not catch a 25 yr old . I told her that's what the sports car was for. The stink eye was strong with her that day.


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Tried it.
Didn't like it.
Uninstalled it.
Cancelled Pre-order.
Game Over!

Battlefield V "Deluxe" here I come

Bunny hopping in the 10th degree
Laggy as hell
Too futureistic
Too fast paced
Blah, blah, blah


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Don't worry Gator I'm sure BFV will have a couple Locker/Metro/Fort De Vaux/Achi Baba etc maps without vehicles to get your COD fix.
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