Battlefield® Battlefield V - Trailer and Release Info


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Observations from @Gator
- Game is set in WWII
- No micro transactions ...earn new weapons, clothing, etc through simply playing the game
- New maps and new features will be added free of charge and continually supported beginning with the first new release in November
- No Premium Pass
- Create and dress you own character to make it unique
- Single player War Stories
- 4 man Coop
- Every soldier will be equipped with a toolbox which can rebuild buildings and other objects to refortify battlefield

Observations from @RoadRunner
- Support class can build offensive fortifications, repair damaged fortifications and builds all fortifications faster. All other classes can only build defensive fortifications.
- No longer fully regen to 100% hp, you now need to find a med pack to heal to full. As an example if you take 90% damage you may only heal to 30% of your full life.
- You now have to interact with medic/ammo crates to receive healing or ammo.
- No more 3d spotting or shooting at floating orange triangles.
- Everyone has less ammo overall, but you can build supply depot fortifications at flags you own.
- No more revive trains, it now takes a few seconds to revive somebody as it goes through an animation.
- You can now drag your dead friends to cover to revive them.
- Any class can revive within a squad, but if you aren't a medic it takes much longer and you won't come back at full life.
- If you are dead you can pan your camera and call for help.
- No more visual recoil or random recoil. Each gun has a set recoil pattern you can learn.
- Bullet penetration, shooting people through walls.
- Sprinting while crouching.
- You can catch and throw back grenades, or shoot them out of the air.
- You can tow around stationary guns, and your buddy can use it while you tow it around.
- When you die, you can now see what your squad is doing before you spawn on them. Hopefully less spawning in to be instantly killed.
- Heavy weapon pickups, like BF4.
- No more elite classes or behemoths.
- Class, vehicle and gun specialization, sounds like a RPG game with skill trees.
- Skill trees will have "exotic" archetypes, specializing in something that you do very well. The example given was a Recon paratrooper that uses an SMG and silenced weapons, and throwing knives.
- Squads now earn points that the squad leader can use to call in things such as a V-1 rocket.

Observations from @=CDU= Rogue Warrior
- WWII Era
- German, British,
- Most Immersive Battlefield Experience
- Co-Op is back
- Gameplay modes pushed by shockwaves from explosions, high caliber rounds go through walls
- Gramd Operations, Co-op(Combined Arms)
- Models Church and streetcars from BF1(reskin)
- Single Player
- The Return of War Stories, Fortification System
- Flame Thrower? Tiquan Tank
- MG42
- Toolbox instead of BF1 Gas Mask, build fox holes, re-inforce buildings,
- The Company - Customize your soldiers, weapons, and vehicles
- Premium Pass NO MORE
- Tides of War
- No Expansion Packs
- Launches October Fall of Europe Starts in November
- Towable AA you can use, V2 Rockets
- New Animations
- Launch OCTOBER 19th



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