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Battlefield V Postponed to November 20th


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Right before thanksgiving, that kinda sucks for people that need to travel. Guess they need more time to finish things. It doesn’t look like we’re getting it early either for deluxe/EA access unless I’m missing something.

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It doesn't mention it, but we are still scheduled to play on 4 September for Early Access/Origin Access folks. I think its a combination of many factors as to why they are delaying the game. There are other triple AAA titles dropping in October, so they decided to take the time to polish the game further. All of these game company's push the limit on getting games out, so it does not surprise me one bit. Anyway, I look forward to playing the Beta and getting the game in November. :alien:


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Yea it’s no longer sandwiched between red dead 2 and black ops 4 which is good, and we still get the beta on the 4th. I’m hoping though we still get it before the 20th someway.


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And that’s why we’re moving our launch date. We’re going to take the time to continue to make some final adjustments to core gameplay, and to ensure we really deliver on the potential of Tides of War.
The new loot box based progression system isn't rapey enough and we truly want to violate you in the most extreme way possible.

I kid... I hope


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Like I said, they are way too far behind. I think they are still pushing.
I would not expect to hear about RSP until next year now with this delay.

DICE is so short handed at the moment, it is not even funny. As you now all know, they are struggling with the time table they have to get the core elements in.



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I'm done with BF I'll play BF4 till WW3 is out. Then we got some real game on ;)


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I don't care if they wait until next year to release it, as long it is 100% ready.
Having servers ready to rent would have been nice at launch too but o well.
I am a patient man.
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