Battlefield V Appears on EA Play 2018 Banner


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What is apparently a banner for EA Play 2018, shows Battlefield Vtext sitting next to the EA Play logo and the event's date and location. The original source deleted the image from Imgur, but Reddit users have reuploaded the image for all to see.
The Battlefield V logo sits alone on the red background, clearly the game that will be headlining EA's main event. The use of the full title, with the "V," suggests that a reveal trailer will come before EA Play. EA wouldn't waste hype by confirming the title on a simple EA Play banner! These things require big and booming 30-second trailers!

EA Play 2018 has been confirmed to feature the next Battlefield game, as well as new EA Sports titles, and an "inside look" at Anthem. Last year's biggest EA titles, like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefront 1 Apocalypse, will also be available to play.
The Battlefield V EA Play leak doesn't give us much to go on. There's the potential title, but no clear indication of the setting or period. With the success of Battlefield 1, many are hoping/predicting that the next game will focus on WWII.


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Last year's biggest EA titles, like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefront 1 Apocalypse, will also be available to play.
The question is will they provide free loot boxes? I mean they should have just called it Star Wars BattleFront 2: The Harvey Weinstein ed.


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Another WW2 shooter in a flooded market (if they go that route) I am not interested.
EA lost me after BF3, that was the last one for me.
No ill will though I hope they get their head out of their collective asses and get it right, but
I highly doubt that will be the case. You got that right Rngr lol :)


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Hey did you guys hear that the next Battlefield game is going to be called Battlefield V?
LOL I only said that 2 months ago.

Now remember what we want will not be mentioned at all.
You are not going to hear about servers or dedicated servers. Ea does not want this so do not expect to hear about these until around a month before launch.

Customized weapons are back
Destructive environment.
More fluid play (supposedly)
Loot Crates will be just skins
Behemoths and elite soldiers will be gone
Bullet deviation will be less
The game will look and sound great
EA said they were done with premium.
War Stories is back again. (that is the campaign mode)

This is a skin job of SWBF1, BF1, SWBF2. That is what you should expect.
Do not forget, DICE LA and DICE stockholm started developing BFV and BFBC3 at the same time. BFBC3 is not due to release until 2020. What does this tell you about game development time with BFV?

Battlefield Bad Company 3 info:
Sources close to Dice and EA state that there is a new Battlefield project underway called “Battlefield Unthinkable”. It is unclear if this will be the final name of the project but for now I will refer to it as “BFU”.

BFU is supposedly set in an alternate version of the 1960s where the cuban missile crisis escalates into nuclear war between the united states and the soviet union. From there players find themselves in a world war III set in the 1960s/70s using vietnam style equipment across the globe. Two missions that have been described are set in cuba during the united states invasion and west berlin during a soviet offensive.

Campaign moves away from “war stories” and focuses on a group of soldiers rather than an individual during three distinct campaigns. One multiplayer map has been described as havana during the 1960s and it is codenamed “havana_day”.

Operations are also rumored to be returning on a bigger scale with branching storylines for each operation. 64vs64 will also become available for PC players- no details on console users.

Overall the game has a very “fallout vibe” when it comes to the setting, like america during the 1950s/60s. You will be fighting on the american homefront as well which will be the first battlefield game to feature this since hardline.
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I like BFU to describe upcoming titles. Agree we should expect a skin job with nothing for us on server side. 23rd's reveal should be interesting


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Meh the era/skins dont make a crap for me. They have some glaring issues that were never resolved in BF1 which we can pretty much guarantee will move to BF5 and if they follow suit the ones we got fixed /mitigated in BF1 will show right back up in BF5. That and the attitude they have had on private servers and modes leaves me kinda cold on this one which is sad. Even though I gave up on it being great, I did buy BF1 and the Premium. If a LOT of stuff isn't addressed, which I highly doubt it will be, This will be the first BF title that I do not buy since BF2.

If I wasn't at work I would go have a drink cause that's just damned depressing.


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Again it looks like everything I have shared with you all is true.

With that, I hope I am wrong about servers but when everything else I have heard is true, then you can probably guess RSP is true.

Still I am not going to buy it.


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BF V will not have premium. only deluxe edicion($80) and standar($60). maybe..... free DLC´s
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Battlefield V - Everything You Need To Know After Reveal Event

  1. No Season Pass
  2. Launch locations are France, Africa and Rotterdam and North Africa desert
  3. Coop Mode called Combined Arms
  4. Single player War Stories return
  5. Fortifications are things like sandbags, trenches, tank stoppers. Only supports can build offensively defense fortifications such as machine guns, field cannons and are much faster at building everything.
  6. Predetermined areas to build such as at flags, can rebuild destroyed buildings
  7. The health bar is in stages, only regen up to the closet stage not to 100 anymore
  8. Physical interactions - every action in the game requires a player interact for things like medkits, spotting, ammo, ledge grabbing (example: healing requires walking over to a health pack, character animation to pick it up, then start healing)
  9. No more HUD/map spotting, spotting is based on movement/changes around you
  10. Much less ammo on spawn, out of ammo after a few fights, but more ways to resupply ammo in the battlefield from packs, crates, or grabbing small amounts of ammo off of bodies (all requires physical interactions)
  11. Revive system has a full-on animation, takes a few seconds to complete, no more revive trains, takes time to complete
  12. Ragdolls are server side, can now drag a downed player's body elsewhere
  13. Any class can do a squad revive, takes longer than a medic revive, does not give full health points
  14. Can call for help when down such as in the trailer
  15. Ragdolls (player bodies) affect the environment, push down grass etc.
  16. Gunplay completely changed
  17. No more visual recoil
  18. Each gun has a unique recoil pattern that can be learned and mastered
  19. Bipods easier to use and setup
  20. Bullet penetration through thin wood, sheet metal, walls
  21. Movement change can now dive forward, backward, left and right similar to R6 Siege prone system
  22. Diving has a delay to prevent dolphin diving
  23. Crouch sprinting is in the game
  24. Can burst out of windows and commando roll, no destroying windows first
  25. Can catch, throwback or shoot grenades
  26. Fewer grenades because of less ammo
  27. Can tow items in the game with vehicles such as previously stationary anti-air guns, a teammate can use an anti-air gun while you tow it with a vehicle
  28. For example, can drive a tiger tank towing a field cannon behind it or a truck towing ammo crate to resupply teammates on the front line
  29. Destruction explodes inwards or outwards based on where the destruction happens. Throw a grenade inside of the building? The explosion sends things outside of it. Outside of it? Breaks inwards.
  30. Tank driving into a building slowly destroys a building, walls slowly crack/fall, not instant
  31. Heavily focused on squad play, instantly placed in the squad when joining a game
  32. New squad spawning system, squad deploy system that shows what squadmates are doing in the third person in real time before the tactical map screen, so spawning on the squad is kicker than spawning on the tactical map screen
  33. Since squad spawning/deploying is faster than a tactical map, squad wipes are serious
  34. Squads accumulate points that can be spent on "squad call-ins", the only squad leader can spend them in
  35. Squad Call-ins are V1 or JB2 rockets as seen in the trailer, supply drops with ammo/health, a smoke barrage, heavy weapon pickups (not hero kits), squad only vehicles such as Churchill crocodile flamethrower tank or the Sturm tiger
  36. Elite classes are gone
  37. Behemoths are gone
  38. Large, non-fatal explosions can knock a player over
  39. Four classes are back: assault, medic, scout, support
  40. Create a solider, add them to a company of soldiers and then you can customize things like gender, face look, face paint, outfit, accessories, etc. and assign them a class archetype
  41. Class archetypes highly customization
  42. Can be an assault that specializes in anti-tank or anti-infantry only, or a mix of both, etc.
  43. Highly specialized archetypes called exotics such as a recon paratrooper, stealthy short-range behind enemy lines person who uses a suppressed SMG and silent gadgets like pistols and garrotes comes with silent footsteps and throwing knives
  44. Can change and add specialization trees such as agility, flak armor, suppressive resistance
  45. The more you play a class more you get more specializations/archetypes within said class
  46. The same system for guns, pick a gun, level it up, unlock specializations and making gameplay choices in a skill tree on that gun
  47. Specializations are the only thing that affects how a gun plays or feels (ex: bipod)
  48. Five-seven elements to change on a gun to make it your own (stocks, sights, muzzles, chassis, skins, leaves on the front, cloth on the back, straps, etc).
  49. Gameplay and visual customization are SEPARATE. Look of weapon is just visual without impacting gameplay, specialization is what determines how the gun plays/feels.
  50. Same system for vehicles and planes
  51. Asymmetric vehicles for teams, (ex: one team might get a big slow tank that does a lot of damage, other team gets a small fast tank that does light damage)
  52. Grand Operations game mode, each day is a full match, always advance to the next day
  53. GOs have different objectives per day
  54. Success or failure in GO days have visual and gameplay impact
  55. Day 4 only has a chance to happen if there isn't a clear winner from previous days
  56. Day 4 is last stand, limited ammo, no respawns, whoever lives to the end wins
  57. Coop mode, combined arms with a dynamic mission creator/AI that sits between SP/MP as a creative sandbox
  58. Soldiers created for a company can be used in both coop and MP, parity
  59. No news on suppression yet, uncertain if in game
  60. All logic in the game is server side, not client side so changes to systems do not require a patch
  61. Promises of more communication between devs and community, roadmaps, etc.
  62. New content is called Tides of war, daily/weekly/monthly challenges with overarching chapters and questlines that give you "unique items and cosmetics"
  63. Tides of War gives new maps, game modes, limited time experiences
  64. Variety of maps with different tones such as complete crushing battlefield chaos or more slow space large maps with a tempo that goes up and down
  65. Game modes confirmed: Grand Operations, Conquest, TDM, Domination
  66. No news on RSP
  67. The Shhhh animation from the trailer is possible to experience in the game
  68. Transport vehicles are alive on the map and can jump into them
  69. Combat vehicles spawn from tactical deployment map


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Again, if EA and DICE is not talking about it, then it's not in the game. EA does not want DICE to offer dedicated rental servers.

We can now all rejoice for EA has finally let DICe reveal the new Battlefield Game. 2018 has yet another World War 2 shooter to choose from. No Doubt, DICE will make a pretty game and I am almost positive it will sound just as good. From the sounds of things, a lot of the complaints that went largely unaddressed in BF1 will be taken care of in battlefield V.

One of my issues I have right is why didn't they fix it in BF1? Also, what about hardcore mode? Anyone notice that DICE did not talk about normal mode or hardcore mode? I believe one of the fixes is that there will be a 1 mode for all. I hope it will be a happy medium. Kind of the best of both worlds. To me that means this, what did they break to do this?

Again for the second game in a row, DICE is not talking about servers. Why? Because EA does not want us to have them. Do not expect to hear anything on this until launch.

No Premium!! Sound great right. Ask the player base in SWBF2 about premium. They are not getting anymore. EA and DICE will not tell us how much DLC we will get or how much will be in the DLC. The good days of expecting a minimum of 4 DLC drops with at least 4 maps in each with new weapons, skins and such are gone. All EA has to promise is if they give us anything, it will be free.

At least we can play a game with all of our friends right? We don't hold your breath here either. More to come on this but this is a squad based game and you do not need more than 4 friends. Just because you join together and go into a server together doesn't mean you will stay together for more than 1 round.

Yeah, I am not digging what I am hearing and the reveal trailer really did not reveal anything other than they are bringing back war stories and the game is set in WW2. There has been nothing to get me excited enough to pre-order. The only reason I even pre-ordered BF1 was the EA/DICE promise 1 month before release that there will be RSP. Talk about a huge let down. Yeah, I will re-evaluate this decision after the game is 1 month old and see who is playing it. With BF4, our community had over 200 people playing it every month. With BF1, we went down to 20 at the start and now nothing really. BF1 is only just over 1.5 years old. We have more active on BF4 with up to a dozen or more playing it still!!!. That is about 5 years old.

I want to game with all my friends in the community and on teamspeak. I miss the days of having almost 50 of us on playing together in the same server. As of almost 2 years ago, it seems those days are gone. Nothing is being developed for team play. That is a team of more than about 5 people. I hope EA lets DICe make the game they want to make that the gamers want to play. I am afraid EA just wants our money and yet give us nothing in return. For those of you pre-ordering the game, be sure to let everyone know what you think of it after launch.
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I have to say some of the things they have talked about so far seem pretty damned decent. It appears that they are moving BF towards a more mil-sim style of play which IMHO would be a good thing. Having to make tactical choices in a shooter makes game play so much better of an experience than a spray and pray type game. One of the things I enjoyed a lot about BF4 HC mode and classic to an extent was the ability to turn off Vehicle / Personnel Health regen. You had to repair(from outside the vehicle mind you) or get to a health kit to get health back. Ammo was the same which made you manage your resources closely.
I like the idea of scarcity when it comes to ammo etc. I was a big proponent of that aspect in the Ammo 2.0 work they did in the CTE. I only went on a tirade when they announced the magically appearing grenades. I am hoping that in BF5 they take what we gave them to heart and do it right. IMHO when you die and respawn you really should come in with minimal health and only basic ammo, say oh 1/3 of what you would normally get and by that I mean bullets only. You want nades etc you have to get to a crate. You wanna get healed better find a medic.
I am all about having the support classes matter and the game itself force players to play those classes correctly. Stupid things like achievements forcing medics to get rifle grenade kills which removes either the revive ability or the healing ability were exceedingly poor game design choices from the beginning and as much as I tried to explain to the developers that medics are not front line combat troops and this is the reason they didnt need rifle grenades and semi sniper weapons didn't really sink in. I guess this is what you get when the design team has never actually had military experience.
If the new game mode is a good mix between HC and normal mode I will be ok with this. Basically what I've heard thus far is they are making the core gamemode the Classic mode. That would be awesome.
Honestly if the core gameplay is 99% Classic mode then meh on RSP. It was a complete joke in BF1 and unless they have had whats his face programming the management shell non stop it will not be any better. The private servers only gave us the ability to control game functions, Guarantee we could all play together, and remove toxic players. If a good medium can be had game mode wise and they actually follow their ToS the only thing I would miss at that point would be having the ability to load up and kill / be killed by you degenerates.
Still haven't gotten enough info to pre-order anything yet but will be interested to see what they can come up with.


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Yeah I posted a video of youtubers thoughts. It was one of the paid guys. Basically, it's all talk and nothing seen at this point, I am still pissed at the better player experience in bf1. Soon.


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SOON™ . Get it right sonny! Hey at least I have not see Ali Hassoons name associated with it at all. +1. That dude told more lies than a 4 yr old caught stealing cookies.
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