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Battlefield 5 Shares First Battle Royale Mode Details


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Like a growing number of shooters, Battlefield V is looking to capitalize on the success of battle royale games by offering its own take on the genre. EA first announced the title's battle royale mode during its E3 presentation earlier this summer, but since then, we've learned very little about it. The publisher has now shared a new trailer that gives fans an extensive look at Battlefield V, and it includes the first details about its mysterious battle royale mode.

As revealed in the new video, which you can watch below, Battlefield V's battle royale mode will be called Firestorm. Unlike PUBG or Fortnite, both of which pit 100 players against each other, Firestorm will feature 64 players divided up into 16 teams of four. Like a typical battle royale game, the object is to compete against other teams as a ring of fire continually closes in on the map and be the last remaining squad, but developer DICE says the mode is done "the Battlefield way."

The video didn't go into many more specifics beyond that, but it did reveal that Firestorm matches will be contested on "the largest Battlefield map ever." The mode will also feature "destructible buildings, weaponry, and vehicles;" a handful of the latter are briefly showcased in the video, including various types of tanks.

Additionally, the video provides more details about Battlefield V's other modes, including the single-player War Stories, which will allow players to "experience untold stories of World War II." It also gives fans a look at Tides of War, a series of post-launch content that will be available for all Battlefield V players. The first chapter is called "The Fall of Europe" and will be available shortly after release.

Battlefield V launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20. The game was originally scheduled to release on October 19 but was recently delayedto further refine it before launch. Players will have a chance to try Battlefield V later this week. Its open beta kicks off on September 6, but those who've pre-ordered the title will be able to jump in beginning September 4.


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mode is done "the Battlefield way.
Half of the features won't work when its released and teamwork isn't there because teenagers wanting to be all edgey will scream profanities at you or simply call you a F*G or N****, at which point you will simply turn of coms/chat and go solo.


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The introduction of battle royale to Battlefield V is a big deal, and it increasingly sounds as if battle royale was never part of the plan until PUBG and Fortnite blew the game mode up.
Battlefield V: Firestorm won’t be ready for BFV’s launch, likely because it hasn’t even been in development all that long. It’s also a feature that’s out of DICE’s hands, with Burnout and Need For Speed developer Criterion Games now confirming it’s creating the new game mode.

We’ve known for some time that DICE wasn’t directly involved with Battlefield V’s battle royale mode, but now we know which studio is. Criterion has been fairly quiet since 2013’s Need For Speed: Rivals, lending a helping hand to Battlefront II’s campaign, as well as the X-Wing VR Mission, but it’s been a quite few years on the whole for a once-illustrious studio.
What little has been shown of Battlefield V - Firestorm so far has revealed it’s a 64-player spin on battle royale featuring 16 squads of four players. A flaming circle encloses the largest map in Battlefield history, gradually shrinking the player area and pushing the remaining players together.
Firestorm will feature fully destructible environments as well as vehicles littered about the level. An armoured tank sounds massively OP, although we’re assured there will be powerful anti-tank weaponry to even the playing field. There will also be weapon and supply pickups, bringing that classic loot shooter element that makes battle royale popular. Should squads capture specific objectives then they’ll also be able to earn rarer gear to give them the edge in battle.
Battlefield V is due out on November 20th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while he Firestorm battle royale mode is expected at some point in 2019.
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