Battlefield 5 Launch Day Patch Notes will be over 135 pages long...


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Battlefield 5 Launch Day Patch Notes will be over 135 pages long, almost 23,000 words
November 7, 2018
Danial Arshad Khan

Battlefield 5’s Launch Day Patch will be over 135 pages long as revealed by the game’s multiplayer producer.
Battlefield 5 releases on November 20 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC after being delayed from its initial release date of October 19 to “make some final adjustments to core gameplay”. The Battlefield 5 Day 1 Patch by the looks of it will be massive with developers DICE making several changes after the game went gold.
The game’s multiplayer producer David Sirland posted a screenshot of the word count for the patch earlier on Twitter today, which shocked many fans to say the least.
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Release/Launch notes - final draft. It's going massive. I don't think I'll beat this for a while... @JaqubAjmal
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Sirland was suggested by a fan to make a video explaining the changes but that wouldn’t be possible due to the sheer number of changes in it.
Maybe turn this in a video instead?​
People generally prefer to watch/listen to a video instead of reading a lot of text. That's why "changelog videos" get tons of views (and why audio books are so popular).​
You might reach much more people this way. :)
That would take us forever, this document we can work on on the side for 2 weeks or so. For future patchnotes (that are obviously much much smaller, sure).​
For this one, consider it a gift from us to you content people out there :).​
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The Battlefield 5 Patch Notes will be releases on Thursday, the 8th of November according to Sirland. Stay tuned as we’ll post them as soon as they’re available.
When can we read it?​
I’m really looking forward to it​
We hope Thursday in english at the very least. We'll see if we can make it :)


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Uhhh wow
What is this? WTF Over. 135 pages? I mean that sounds like the game we will play isn't the game we played in beta


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Welp I already see them caving to the whiners on the attrition system. SRs and LMGs, MMGs, and Shottys all spawn with full ammo loads. I mean really, WTF Over? Every map has an ammo point right there at the spawn point. Jesus is it really THAT hard to click the ammo point on your way out of spawn? I really like the attrition system I just hope they dont cater to the less capable and just make it well too noob friendly like they did in BF1. I seriously hope they have abandoned the one version for all platforms thought process as well. Honestly they are two entirely different systems and each caters to its own player type. There should be distinct differences between the two and that's the main reason I got the Origin pass instead of going balls deep on a copy of the game. If they start with the same issues they had because of the One Version mentality I'll just cancel the sub and call it done.


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Ok this one baffles me:
Why would you make the elevated positions on this map OB? I mean this just doesn't make sense in a game with snipers.


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I would guess that would prevent someone from parashooting to very high unreachable point to stop super-snipers. :geek:


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I likes me some high up spots. With the requirement to resupply I'm guessing it would curb the time allowed on those points anywho.
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