Want to Buy Anyone got a Q6600 or Q6700 they'd like to sell?

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I'd like to upgrade to a Core 2 Quad but my motherboard will only handle the ones I've listed below, and I can't find them anywhere new except from Amazon but they are like $350+ on there, which is a stupidly high price for such an old CPU.

These are the only Quad cores my motherboard will handle:

QX6850 - 1333 FSB - 3.00 GHz
QX6800 - 1066 FSB - 2.93 GHz
QX6700 - 1066 FSB - 2.66 GHz
Q6700 - 1066 FSB - 2.66 GHz
Q6600 - 1066 FSB - 2.40 GHz
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