Anthem closed Alha


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EA is sending invites to the closed Alpha (December 8-9).
Hopefully the CO-OP is playable for the Alpha and we can get a 4 man squad or two going that weekend!!!

I think this game could be awesome . I enjoy Bioware games and hope they do a good job on this one.
I know they know how to make great single player games and hopefully they can integrate the CO-OP in a way that's fun for people who like playing both.

Cinematic trailer

Game play


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Yes, I am looking forward to trying it as well. Sharp65 received a closed Alpha invite as well. Let us know how you like it. šŸ‘¾


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Well I tested it and well, it is definitely a alpha.

The flying is clunky. It plays like the far cry 5 DLC lost on mars.

Missions are a little lack luster.

Overall, I am not impressed at this stage. Maybe the beta will have a lot of improvements.


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I agree the flying was difficult to say the least.

Alpha is Alpha so there is lots of room for improvement.

In free play I found a couple cool instances with boss battles, pretty cool but I never got any loot...
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