A Taste of JinXy's Playlist


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You do realize, you opened up a large can of worms ;)

Hmmmmm ;)

Somebody, Please!! Tell me what she is say'n:p

NVM I like da moves :cool2:

Sorry Jinx 🐒

Just don't forget about me 👽:censored::giggle::devilish:


Nothing Else Matters :rolleyes:

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I wish there was an actual Music Television like we used to have. 😫 WTF, teen mom on MTV, seriously? Or Lindsey Lohan shows all day? YARGHHH I HATE THE NEW MTV. I wouldn't even be watching anything else on TV if we had a good TV channel where we could pick the genre
MTV Classic plays videos most of the time. Friday nights are basically Headbanger's Ball all night.


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Patches since you like Personal Jesus here's one from one of our newest Rock Hall inductees. Pretty good version but with Viv playing how could it not be amirite?



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Quoting Patches: "Just don't forget about me 👽:censored::giggle::devilish:"

LoL Patchy, I'm taken and you can like whatever you want bud. You're still the only patches on my team.
Also, you do realize I look super similar to her? ^^
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