A Taste of JinXy's Playlist


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Cool thread! I love a lot of different music, here is one of my favorite country songs ever

One of my favorite hair songs ever,

one of my fav rap,

one of my fav rock,

another of my fav rock,

and another of my fav rock

I've actually seen Ozzy in concert, that's how old I am šŸ˜­
Wow, now this is a thread I sure do like, I have a HDD with just over 30,000 songs(265GB) of music

I like a lot of different stuff

And of Course lots of 80's Bands


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Okay, here is one for ya. I label this one as "creepiest" of all videos. You won't sleep tonight ...lol :eek:



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Spotify: Frank Edwards
Add me to the friends list and you can see all the stuff, mostly 80's Metal, I listen to. Waaaaaay too much to list.


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Come to think of it I played all of these last night save the NiN Head Like a Hole. Didn't have the right stuff set up for that one.


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This one makes me think of "Light of Love" from the Fifth Element Soundtrack...kinda.

Also Rouge, seeing you're into "Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending," if you haven't already--check out Carpenter Brut and Perturbator.
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