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  1. Swbf2 pay to play

    EA disabled in game transactions for launch: https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/pre-launch-update
  2. Swbf2 pay to play

    I'm tempted to use my 10 hour EA access trial just to see how it is. There's really no good multiplayer games out right now, BF1 is dropping pretty low until the next DLC comes out. BF1 online: 9,468 (21,715 24HR) BF4 online: 6,427 (13,564 24HR)
  3. Swbf2 pay to play

    The backpedaling has already begun lol. So glad I passed on this one.
  4. Nov 8th BF1 Update

    It would have been nicer to have a set next map rather restart the round onto a new map. Oh well, some good fixes though. Too bad the game is so stale until the next DLC comes out.
  5. RIP thermal vision. It was fun while it lasted.
  6. COD WW2 beta is live

    I'm downloading the beta now, hopefully its better than the past few installments.
  7. Sooner then I thought it would be, good stuff.
  8. Not much info to go on, but this was posted on reddit today.
  9. CoD WWII Beta Footage.

    The graphics didn't look great but it may have been just the streams that I was watching yesterday. I'll probably pick it up on the PC for something else to play. No more wall jumping or jet packs which is good.
  10. Update today

    That sucks, they should have just posted the release notes already also. We need to wait for the gamescom event to happen first.
  11. The game just paid for itself for me. I bought one of the gamescom invitational crates and one key, when I opened it I got the white school skirt. I put it on the steam market and got $210 after Valve's cut. Pretty good deal.
  12. Patch notes out as of last night.

    Yea I played a bit earlier and it seemed smoother.
  13. Patch notes out as of last night.

    I tried playing a few solo FPP games and it was rubber banding like crazy. When I initially landed during the first match the buildings didn't even finish loading properly so I was just walking through doors. I think they still have some work to do.
  14. Server's been full all day, currently a pretty big queue.
  15. Awwwww shit. Look out beyotches

    Gator, Slow and I got it also.