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  1. Server's been full all day, currently a pretty big queue.
  2. Awwwww shit. Look out beyotches

    Gator, Slow and I got it also.
  3. Battlefield 1 Signature (Armory style)

    Looks good!
  4. So with people asking me about PUBG I present...

    You can host custom games in order to change up the rules but only certain people have access to that right now.
  5. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    I've been playing this a bunch recently, pretty fun game.
  6. Topic Author Badge Added

    Looks cool, thanks!
  7. How to remove the intro videos

    Thanks, having to skip/hold down escape every time is annoying.
  8. EA now offering Origin Access for $30 annually

    If you already pay for the $5 month option you can go into your origin account billing settings and change to the $30/year option. I don't think they will switch for you.
  9. BF1 "New Beginning" Dogtag Easter Egg

    I'll wait until you get something out of it first.
  10. BF4 Poplulation

    BF4 is incredibly boring don't see myself playing it anytime soon. It was fun when it came out, but it just doesn't hold much anymore.
  11. They fixed the end of round rank progress bar so it no longer shows your progress from rank 1. It looks to be correct now from the previous rank.
  12. Hardcore mode

    RIP hardcore. Normal mode isn't so bad anyways.
  13. Hardcore mode

    Not worth playing until they make easier to differentiate teammates from enemies. Going off the uniform color alone isn't good enough most of the time. It didn't sound like that was something they were planning on changing either but who knows, we'll see if anything changes with Tuesdays patch.
  14. Official Giant's Shadow Trailer

    Premium members may be getting it the 13th.
  15. Opinions on BF1 currently

    Besides the rent a server debacle, I have no issues with the game at all. I do hope they make some small changes to Hardcore though, turning on friendly name tags being the top one. There's currently over 76k people playing on the PC (http://bf1stats.com/). I don't see it going anywhere.