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  1. don.jpg

    this is me june 2nd fishing
  2. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all
  3. Anyone ever replace gpu fan?

    yes i replace about 5 times GPU fans almost Cooked it it warned me PC will be shutting down i shut it down before it
  4. 100-0286.jpg

  5. 569d66723d598-DonsFish.jpg

    29 inch Striped bass
  6. hey all i wonder

    im trying to fine and get my server fast download maps i have alot of big maps can anyone help me fine the site email me at [email protected] or post it here Thank you
  7. hello all

    hello all i hate to bother you guys, where do i fine fast download for my server i have BIG maps like 15.9 MB and tc_thebes Spookytown like them map are very big can you send website im been looking but no luck at all DJDON917
  8. Yay Steam!

    they messed up again steam now the box is way on bottum of left they updated and the friends Messanger is messed up dont sign on at all and for 3.0 i dont think its coming out for a few months there working on it let them take there time no errors like client 57 and them crazy letters in hl C folder just injoy 2.9 i say 3.0 will be out in mid june
  9. BAd NEWS for FA

    i just read FA formus this what i had read very bad news Guys, I'm sorry to tell you, but I spoke to Ben. He's generally unhappy to leave the final release of Firearms in the hands of someone else, and I don't think he liked the way the code played either. He's not releasing it to Valve. There's not going to be a 3.0. Sorry. Sgoss, if you're reading this, get in touch with me on IRC. thats what i had seen lets play FA till its dies:( Lightningdjdon
  10. new update?

    Natural Selection is 3.0 now ? i do play it no wonder i could not play it im gonna update later on i love that game Natural Selection its cool
  11. hey i seen 3.0

    must be better i seen players with High scores lol like 2.5? it will take me on 56K dailup 10 hours unless i go to my brothers house to download he has cable good luck guys
  12. hey i seen 3.0

    is it almost gonna be out ? must be nice i seen 11 of 3.0 players i hope its better then 2.9 let me know peace from DJDon
  13. Snow in the end of February?

    5 to 10" winterstorm warning im in New Jersey salem up to 5 to 10" and more next week ( next week could be a BLIZZARD 12 to 20" possible before spring gets here march is a funny Month yes March could be nasty month now i have lots of firewood cut and splite i am ready lol cya guys
  14. hello TAC guys

    it runs good hl2 counterstrike source i know on Warping higher then 200 :evil: i have 3000 GHZ geforceFX 5600 256MB and 1024 DDR DIMM RAM DJ
  15. hello TAC guys

    i played on Css lol i done BAD lol i must get use to it but it was fun i went on 0 and 5 deaths Ouch Now im keeping hl2 installed waiting on other mods junglemist ,, new FAR fa i hope its good PS does anyone know when 3.0 coming out i seen 2 servers now with 3.0 i clicked on HalfLife it had players in it last night sunday night Let me know the date i have 56K will take me from 5 to 10 hours to download ... Ouchh Peace all have a nice day Lightningdjdon