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  1. Unwarranted Kick/Ban?

    I'd just like to point out that this post, in context, represents the issues people are having with this server. One of the players that was banned has provided footage of the gameplay that got him banned, in which he is clearly not hacking. I see no legitimate reason for both Boccarossa and Pirate to remain banned, or to have even been banned in the first place. And there is no reason to go as far as showing the rest of his desktop/overlay. The gameplay is enough to prove he is not cheating in any way, and if axlerod can't see that, maybe he shouldn't be an admin. Now, I think it's possible axlerod is confused in regards to who has been banned, and for what. I say this because his reasoning for banning boccarossa does not fit what actually happened. Refer to his gameplay and you will see he was not kicked, he was banned. And neither pirate or boccarossa were active in chat. This sounds to me like he is describing the reason for MY ban. I was kicked twice without explanation, and then banned for making a joke about being kicked twice. Was I frusturated? Yes. Was I being toxic? Not in the slightest. Now I realize this is just axlerod's word vs. mine as to how it went down, but the core of the issue is that you have players that are being unfairly kicked/banned. And not only that, but axlerod is being stubborn. He have taken an extremely defensive stance regarding boccarossa's ban, not only telling him he is "full of shit", but he seems to have completely disregarded the gameplay he submitted, which as I said before, clearly shows he is not hacking. As for my ban, how am I to prove that I am not hacking? The footage of the gameplay that got me banned is not view able due to a shadowplay glitch. Would gameplay from a different round suffice? Also, in the event that I have my ban lifted, how can I be sure that I won't just be banned again? Nothing stopped axlerod from unreasonably banning at least 3 of us, and I would like to be assured that it will not occur again.
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