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  1. Unwarranted Kick/Ban?

    In my opinion, its more disrespectful to accuse someone of cheating when they arent than it is to react to said hacusation (which is all that I did, and you have to agree that his hacusation was 100% bubkus). Honestly, players should be punished just as much for throwing around cheating accusations that are false, as players who are toxic in the chat.
  2. Unwarranted Kick/Ban?

    I know it wasnt that great (just dont get pirate and my comments confused, that was my video)... thats why its worrying that we were kick/banned so fast. My tanking there mediocre at best, and I miss alot of kills and locations of guys upon review that I could have killed. Its when I play medic and scout that the hacusations start to fly. I think we found the admin that needs his power checked though. Axlrod clearly lied to everyone here about "toxic chat." which you would have seen if it was in the video and again, just kick/banned us for scoring well. With all due respect, I wasnt insulting anyone... just pointing out the reputation that this server is garnering within the battlefield community.
  3. Unwarranted Kick/Ban?

    Hey guys first forum post. Was playing on your server for the first time last night and got a kick/ban in the first full game I was in along with my platoon m8 PirateR9Baii. It seems that your server has grown a reputation as a server that kicks/bans good players. As shimytangtang (poster above) is someone we play with/against often, Pirate and I decided to join your server to see if we could get kick/banned (we are both top 1% skill players and if shimytangtang got the boot then surely we would if the rumors were true... my current skill 703.18, good for top 0.3% on pc per https://battlefieldtracker.com/bf1/profile/pc/Boccarossa). It appears that you do simply kick/ban people from your server for simply playing well with no evidence of cheating at all other than a good score. If there is any doubt as to if I was cheating, Ive included video from the match that got us kick/banned. And here is my twitch handle so that you may view all of the good and bad gameplay I have because there are certainly bad days where my skill falls to mid 500's https://www.twitch.tv/boccarossa13 Is this the reputation that you want to have? If you want a noob friendly server then why not put it in the server name? Or is an admin abusing their power? Not sure but Id like to put in a good word for you in the community because most of the really good players Ive talked to say youre infamous for this. Im asking that you lift the ban from myself and Pirate on your server because we are both honest players and hate cheaters as much as the next guy. Thanks, Bocca
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