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  1. Saw the server was up and running. I thought that having a server with all maps made it not be included in quickmatch?
  2. This is pretty cool
  3. BFFs

    It really sounds like they are actually listening to the community on a lot of the updates on CTE. The addition of platoons makes me think they are prioritizing the community a little more, so who knows, maybe they will fix the RSP crisis. Its going to be hard for DICE to sell DLC if nobody is playing the game anymore.
  4. Newest CTE patch...Wait for it....

    Trench fighter getting a nerf, grenade throw time increasing, and some netcode changes
  5. Newest CTE patch...Wait for it....

    The platoons feature is pretty cool. especially the application of filling up a squad
  6. You are not going to believe this

    At one point I got disconnected, and was 9th in the queue. 9th!
  7. The beauty of it all

    Might have to buy the game now. Those graphics are incredible!
  8. The beauty of it all

    You have all the settings maxed out?
  9. I made a note to add it to my favorites last night. Maybe we can get it going this weekend sometime.
  10. Very exciting!! Let's hope the RTS system gets some of the overhaul that we are all expecting.
  11. Sup Bitches

    Nice man! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to break the habit of calling you HAM!
  12. Trailer looks bad ass.
  13. Quite troubling guys

    Wonder how it compares to BF4 at this stage
  14. Battlefield roots project

    I think its a problem, but mainly with support resupplying themselves continuously. Hell, I abuse it. Every time I throw a nade, I will toss myself a ammo pouch so the next one is ready in a few seconds. Easily solvable by a larger time delay of last nade throw to next nade throw timer. I'm with ya though on your reply. This nade thing is a distraction form larger problems that they need to work on with their community.
  15. Battlefield roots project

    "Passive" replenishing of grenades is absurd. Then they go and throw in replenishing of ammo... I get that they dont want to punish people who stay alive longer, but thats part of the benefit of having a support class with you. They want to promote teamwork, but are trivializing the support class's benefit to their team