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  1. Do Not Pre-Order SWBF2

    Well now, I guess the whole loot box debacle didn't go over too well with EA. Don't get me wrong I have no issue with loot boxes in general but to tie your progression to RNG and not skill at using that class is beyond stupid. I dont mind boosts in the boxes either, we've had them in other games but they are temporary and not that significant as to make a really big difference. Not so much in SWBF2. Hope whatever comes out of this is a better product. I enjoyed playing the beta for what it was but probably would have been on my back burner buys once it went on deep sale.
  2. Rage quit ? You bet !

    When yer good yer good.
  3. October patch noted

    Well move certainly took long enough. I see they still haven't done the things that would help rented servers the most. Presets for Classic, HC, and Official Modes as well as Preset based QM feeds. I mean these would basically be a cut and past of the Official preset with values changed. Would probably take a decent coder what, 2 hrs to complete? Maybe? The things DICE / EA prioritizes in this game astound me sometimes. Fix the broken stuff and dont worry about introducing cool feature no. 37 because they normally break something when they do.
  4. Rage quit ? You bet !

    Such a troll! Ha! Nice shootin Tex.
  5. Current EA/DICE Info

    wow kinda sounds like the new Wolfenstein but with a different set of bad guys. Ruskies instead of Nazis. As long as they fix the major fu*kups they slathered upon us with this BF I'll be GTG. Its really a shame that a BF with as much potential has become my least favorite BF.
  6. Battlefront 2 Beta out for all today !!!

    Meh was an interesting diversion. Didn't feel the need to log in last night so I fired up the old Rocksmith and spent 4.5 hours playing music and working on technique then watched a bit of TV and went to bed.
  7. Battlefront 2 Beta out for all today !!!

    Well to each his own. From what you have written its plain you are one of those that wants Battlefield: Star Wars Edition, not that there is anything wrong with that cause it would be an awesome BF title if done correctly, but this as you say ain't that game. The Theed map is tiny compared to most shooters so yeah 20 v20 is about all you can fit on that map without it being overly full. I also agree that tying progression to the loot crates was about the stupidest and most obvious money grab DICE / EA has ever put forward but hey no one wants to pay for Premium anymore so what are they gonna do to pay for the DLC creation? IMHO they should untie progression from the crates, and not offer crate sales for the first few months to give everyone an opportunity to build a base and then open it up. I am by far in no way saying its is the perfect shooter but what is there functioned pretty damned well you just have to take it for what it is and not what you WANT it to be. As I said above Am I gonna preorder it or rush out and buy it on release? HELL NO! Would I pick it up on a sale as something to kill time on? Maybe but it depends on how DICE violates it on release. Look at what they did to BF1 between beta and release. The lack of squads, tying of progression to crates and not actual play of the class, etc that you mentioned are all negatives and I have voiced my opinion on those to DICE in general as well as a few well placed emails PMs to certain folks. We'll see if it works although given past performance I somehow doubt it. I will say that with all the negatives I have had fun just mindlessly going in and fragging to my lil ole hearts content without having to think tactically or focusing on anything other than PTFOitng. Oh sorry about not getting your message til last night. I uninstalled BF1 and the CTE install. Tired of beating my head against a wall. Maybe I will reload if they fix a lot of the stuff we have been telling them about and quit adding things into the game we tell them is broken because they have already sent the effin patch to approval BEFORE releasing it to the CTE for testing. Yeah this is why the game gets broken so often. We tell em stuff is dicked up but it cannot be changed before it's pushed because its already in cert at Sony/MS. Who ever is in charge of QA there is doing it completely backwards.
  8. Battlefront 2 Beta out for all today !!!

    I dunno man. I loaded it up and played all weekend and had a flippin blast. It was surprisingly well done as far as game play, even though we only had the Theed city map. It is by far no BF4/3/2 but it also feels a lot more playable than BFront1 was. I only ran into one guy that owned me hard and I even killed him a good many times so I was cool with it he was just a really good player. With the one map it did get a bit boring toward the end of the weekend especially since they capped levels at 10. My fear is that they will make the crates harder to come by and reduce the amount of star cards given by the crates. I like the fact that you get "parts" to craft the upgrades to weapons in the crates but it seems the drop rate on those parts is a bit low. I know they are looking at monetizing the game via the crates which will make the game pay to win especially if they make the crates more expensive and make the crafting parts even harder to come by. That said if they keep the cost of the crates in credits the same and either keep the parts the same or raise the drop a SMALL amount then I dont see the crates having THAT big of an effect on the game itself as the boosts you get aren't that big . I cant count the times I took out a fully boosted guy simply because of my positioning and his lack of situational awareness. The only other thing that really worries me is BF1 was very playable and enjoyable in beta and I have gone full Axlerod and uninstalled BF1 as it is a hot mess and the dev team does not seem to be able to fix 1 thing without breaking 2-3 other things. That and the fact the communities , like ours, have been given pretty much a "Hey, F you!" when it comes to the servers.They have given the bare minimum and when even the die hard streamers are playing other games more frequently than BF1 it says something about the game itself. I just think they lost sight of what BF titles are supposed to be and targeted the CoD style game. Anywho long story short I will put this on the probably list. I will have to see what changes between now and release. (Remember BF1 conquest changed a LOT between beta and release) If I do grab it it will definitely be the Standard version and more than likely during a sale since there is no Premium and the perks for the deluxe version aren't worth the 20 bucks extra. I kinda liked HL. I mean it wasn't a BF title for sure but the game itself, if taken for what it was and not a BF game was pretty fun and the campaign was great. Was like playing a role in a cop show. I think the main things that they did wrong in HL were calling it Battlefield and the screw ups that had later in the game. Oh and I saw NO overly imbalanced scores in the game the entire weekend The highest kill count I saw in any game was like 35-40 the average was 10-20 and I hit that regularly Even got my name on the after round board a couple of times. A LOT of folks that are bitching act like they expect this to be Battlefield and not Battlefront. It is most definitely run and gun with a very low TTK. Also attachments and star cards that replace base abilities help out a lot. I changed out the shield with the Barrage card on my heavy and that gave me a 3 shot nade launcher that can be bounced around corners. multi kills quite a few times in the area where the doors to the throne room had to be hacked.
  9. Banned

    Hey Miir! Probably was a report/msg to an admin. i'm sure they will get it worked out.
  10. Cross network play

    All for it as long as if it's a shooter Aim Assist stays the hell out of it. The addition of aim assist in BF1 has been a cancer to say the least.
  11. Sad days indeed...

    Yeah pretty shitty all around. I got home picked up the guitar played about 4 or 5 songs and just couldn't get the joy that usually bring nor the peace so I just shut everything off and watched a movie and went to bed. Hope today is a better day all around. Ya know, being prior military and serving in order to preserve our way of life and defend The Constitution, I have always been a very strong supporter of the second amendment. I own quite a few guns and shoot regularly. I highly disagree with the way they classify weapons in Washington as well. None of the things that they say makes a weapon an "assault weapon" ( quotes because it's an invented term ) have any effect on its lethality as they are cosmetic /utilitarian in nature. That being said there really does need to be some common ground everyone can agree upon that can limit the chances of these types of things happening. I know they guy had none of the classic warning signs and was not legally prohibited from buying firearms but fu*k me running. IMHO I would say that once you have 47 flipping guns MAYBE just MAYBE it should raise some sort of flag and you should be required to undergo some sort of evaluation/licensing requirement. I dont know. I have no problem with magazine size limits, I dont have issues with "bullet buttons", hell I dont even have an issue with registering the guns I do own. Unfortunately none of these measures would prevent this type of occurrence cause well crazy gonna crazy. I truthfully would be more scared of some redneck with a deer rifle and a high powered scope that the average idiot with a semi auto spraying and praying as they are pretty much guaranteed going to hit you with every round. What's the answer? I really dont know but I would really like to see the solution come from a more moderate "middle of the road" group and not the far left or far right sides of the spectrum as it seems the centrist seem to be a lot more sane than the others. Welp that's my spew. Had to get it off my chest and you guys tend to be the more rational people I know online so thanks. Larry not sure if this violates anything and if it does please feel free to nuke it from orbit I just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for what ya do pal.
  12. Sad days indeed...

    Tom Petty found unresponsive and in full cardiac arrest Sunday. It is unclear at this time if he has actually passed away but it ain't lookin good folks.
  13. Video: 700 rounds through a supressor

    Welp that was retarded.
  14. CoD WWII Beta Footage.

    Kinda like the current dev team on BF1. Pulled an Axlerod this weekend and uninstalled it. Better uses for the drive space. Also vaguely familiar. Lots of complaints about lack of population or servers hosting all maps.
  15. Hell Let Loose

    Count me in.