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  1. The last two were pretty damned good and now I give you the trailer for... WOLFENSTEIN II
  2. Banned

    Please be advised that previously we had access to chat logs, screen caps, etc etc. These tools have not been provided in BF1 for administrators so server admins on ANY server will not be able to provide you with these items as they once could have. We wish we could but it's just really not feasible at this time.
  3. Had an opening for the pinhead position I see.
  4. I have all the settings noted. You can do a 100% classic mode now....today. It will however be 100% unfindable in the browser unless you know the name of the server. Yeah I gcould spend hours and hours advertising it on different boards twitter etc but really I would actually like to play it and not spend that time doing PR work.
  5. Banned

    Gee the nonexistent chat filter we've been asking for since like almost a year ago wouldda come in handy here huh lol.
  6. Will give it a try next time I do a refresh on my Drivers. Thanks!
  7. BF1 July Patch Update (partial)

    That would be a negative GhostRider. Apparently the pattern was full. Oh and guaranteed that will set the server as custom and unfindable.
  8. I guess I'm just kind of jaded at the moment. BF1 has pretty much lost all appeal to me due to the changes they are making and more importantly those they refuse to make. I SOOO want to build up a classic mode server yet two of the easiest features they could implement, Official Presets for Core, HC, and classic modes, and making them official presets in the server browser with associated Preset based QM feeds, remain ignored. Honestly the code for this exists and can basically be copied, pasted and then tweaked. These would benefit the clans more than anything and make the RSP program levels better. I posted on the CTE forum today basically begging them to pass the info along to whomever should see it but hold out little hope it will even be noted by them. Pretty much disgusted with the whole thing as it is now. Glad you guys are able to get the server up and running and wish I felt compelled to play the game it's just not really turning my cranks at the moment but as you all know I'm a cranky old bastard so who knows.
  9. Nasty Battlefield 1 Hack, I caught on recording!

    Thats some fine anticheat right there
  10. PUBGs Hardcore mode in July Patch

    First Person Lovin!
  11. It's here! What is HC mode in PUBGs? First Person only servers! For EU and NA servers only and for Solo and Duo only for now. I seriously can't wait for this. No more 3rd person peeking is gonna make this a different game. Can't wait to try this out.
  12. How fast is your reaction time?

    Average was 214 best was 202. Not too shabby for a 50 yr old Second run through best was 193 and I improved overall to 211 Eat it Axle!
  13. Who likes naked chicks with guns?

    You evil Bastard!
  14. Any of you play these games?

    I have Warthunder but haven't played it in ages. World of Planes, Warships and of course Tanks as well. Squad may be what you are refering to thats like BF4 WW2 one would probably be Battalion 1944. I have preorder on Battalion but haven't tried squad yet.
  15. Video: Anthem Official Gameplay

    Ok that looks cool as hell.