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  1. Current EA/DICE Info

    in big DO-DO
  2. Swbf2 pay to play

    I am sure it will be around somewhere I will Pass until it is $0.99 or less or in the Origin Vault!
  3. Swbf2 pay to play

  4. Swbf2 pay to play

    Gamespot purchases $100 worth of loot crates, ends up with less than half the amount of credits needed to unlock Darth Vader and Luke. 40 hours or $260 to unlock one of the main characters in Star Wars. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/star-wars-battlefront-2s-microtransactions-are-a-r/1100-6454825/
  5. Cheater on PVP

    Here is the Youtube Version Thanks to AngryOIFVeteran
  6. Rage quit ? You bet !

    Biatch! Leave the kids alone! lol
  7. Current EA/DICE Info

    What needs to happen to anyone that hacks with an ORIGIN Account, the account should be Banned....... If you own 10-15 games and get caught BYE BYE to those GAMES! I have lost my Faith in EA/DICE anymore..... That's why games like Ghost Recon and Hell Let Loose will be what I will be playing
  8. Battlefront 2 Beta out for all today !!!

    Fourth, Well I get three.... Both SW and BF1, What is the Fourth Axle?
  9. Hell Let Loose

    A platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set during the Second World War. HUGE BATTLES - 100 players per game, 50 per team COORDINATE - Win through teamwork, tactics, and communication A NEW METAGAME - Capture sectors and resources to beat your enemy into submission COMBINED ARMS - Over 20 different player-controlled vehicles and deployed weapons EPIC THEATER OF WAR - Do battle across a 1:1 scale 4 kilometer-squared map MORE THAN THE TWITCH - Supply, capture and building systems EXPERIENCE HISTORY - Historically accurate arsenal with realistic weapon behavior A MODERN ENGINE - Developed for Unreal Engine 4 https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2703099/video-821204-h264_high.mp4 I have been in contact with their community manager, regarding the possibility of getting persons interested in on some Alpha gameplay Currently at 19% funded in 4 hours
  10. CoD WWII Beta Footage.

    It was awesome, I was merely saying that the new one feels exactly like playing a game that is ten years old, not much has changed in this new one!
  11. CoD WWII Beta Footage.

    Honestly, Feels and Looks like the ORIGINAL MODERN WARFARE 4 game, I think I will Pass on this!!
  12. COD WW2 beta is live

    I played one round, and its going to need A LOT MORE rounds to like it! It's been a Long, Long time since I have Played the COD franchise!
  13. Look at what I bought

    That looks like an Old Man's Bike, or a Woman's Bike
  14. Aim assist

    Typical Console Pleebs! Us PC boys don't have to worry about it!
  15. Update today

    Baha Still a POS