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  1. Look at what I bought

    That looks like an Old Man's Bike, or a Woman's Bike
  2. Aim assist

    Typical Console Pleebs! Us PC boys don't have to worry about it!
  3. Update today

    Baha Still a POS
  4. Most games on the Xbox One and PS4 are rendered at HD resolution (1360x768) and scaled up to 1080p - and the detail levels are optimized for the specific console. This would usually be equivalent of settings between “medium” and “high” in most games. Most console games run at 24–60fps, depending on how ambitious or performance focused the game is. The game is optimized to remain playable on the limited hardware of the console, as there’s no difference between console A and console B. In the PC world, things are rather different. There’s essentially no limit to performance in time. A high end PC today is many times more powerful than a PS4 or Xbox One. 3 years ago the gap was smaller but still in favor of the PC. The thing is, you need a PC that’s equipped for games. I’m going to pick one big AAA game that’s bigger than most - GTA V - and I’m going to highlight the performance difference between a console and an older low end gaming PC, and a modern high end gaming PC: Here’s GTA on a PS4, compared with an i3 4130 and GeForce GTX 750Ti. The 750Ti was released in early 2014 for $150 and is considered, in modern terms, an adequate card for gaming at modest settings. In this video, the PS4 is locked at a steady 30fps, and the PC floats between 35–45FPS. This is with slightly higher graphics settings on the PC than the PS4. The PS4 renders the game at 1600x900 and upscales it to 1080p, and the PC is rendering the game at 1080p here by comparison. And here’s a modern PC, running the game at 3860x2140 (4k) with all the settings maxed out. The video doesn’t quite do the image quality of the game at those settings justice as it’s only 1080p60, but it lets you see that the gameplay on this modern system is significantly smoother than it was on the older PC or console. In most situations the game runs at about 70fps, with the lowest performance closer to 50fps - still nearly double the older machines. Now, this performance does cost $$$… the computer to run this would cost in the vicinity of $1500USD today. Now, how much more power does it take to increase the resolution? It actually scales in quite a linear fashion. If we ignore the higher settings on the modern PC version (which can literally cut performance in half), and only look at the resolution and frame rate, consider this: 1600x900 pixels = 1.44 megapixels - at 30fps, the PS4 is showing your eyes 43.2 million pixels per second. 1920x1080 = 2.07 megapixels - At 40fps, the older PC is showing your eyes 82.94 megapixels per second. Yes, that’s what a doubling in capability looks like. It doesn’t make a huge difference. 3860x2140 = 8.26 megapixels - At 70fps, the modern PC is showing your eyes 578.2 megapixels per second. I mean, it looks better, but it doesn’t look 13 times better! Ok, that video is just 1080p at 60fps, so you have to imagine that it’s super clear and noticeably more detailed. And therein lies the rub. PC games, on the highest settings, require a lot more performance because they aren’t just running games at higher resolutions. There are more texture details, the models are often more detailed, the viewing distance is usually significantly higher at the highest settings, and the PC is also generally using much more intensive filtering to smooth the image out too, which all costs performance. So when you play a game from a console on a PC that’s older, and you crank the settings up, you’re asking your PC to do something that might require several times more performance even though it doesn’t look several times better. Also, when you push your PC to the limit, frame rates will tend to get less consistent then they are on a console, so the gaming performance at 30fps on a PC isn’t as good as it is at 30fps on a console… but on the flip side, higher end PCs generally don’t target 30fps or 60fps, they tend to target 120fps - and if you think 60fps looks smooth, it doesn’t compare to 120.
  5. This test is Null and Void, reason: this was done on CONSOLES ONLY!!!
  6. Server start today, or any day for that matter

    I think I would rather miss out, or go play Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded: The XXX version
  7. You are all invited

    You footing the Bill for the Airline Ticket? Yes? Then count me in!!!
  8. BF1 Specs

    My last 2 builds have been i7's why not! People say that you don't need an 17 for gaming, but it's there in case I need it! Same with Water cooling
  9. RSP update

    How So? The bar is STILL at BF4 level! JUST SAYING
  10. RSP update

    Game is Dead! I had full intentions of trying it AGAIN last Weekend, Didn't see anyone on! I am considering moving on (back) to COD!

    I Will Tell you this! Sometime over the next 2-3 days when I see peeps playing, I will try it again

    Still Not enough for me to "Have ANY desire to Play"
  13. Banned on XtG Server. _

    Gator didn't help us at all Weapon (No Offense Gator) Gator Simply went there to get a better understanding of the situation Dirty and I dealt with it, Not a big deal! Someone spoke without thinking, we all left their server at the same time to go to THE TAC SERVER and someone else (XTG Robbie) got butt hurt because there was 14 of us that left, and emptied out their server! You know how it goes......Person A joins said server, because no one else is on, then person B joins, then Person C joins Persons A+B, then it gets late and then no one wants to go to TAC server.
  14. Banned on XtG Server. _

    So really what started it was a =CDU= member, (not thinking at the time) said " See you on the TAC Server " in the in-game chat. Then the 12 or 14 of us playing, all left at once..... Dirty, rnrmusic and myself were playing Sunday on the XTG server for approximately 2 hrs. before Robbie banned us. We then went in and talked to Robbie about it, he mentioned the chat that he and Patches had a while back, and It left a sour taste in his mouth.... I will not go into that particular chat because I was not there........ Bottom line Robbie does not care for Patches because of that chat, and with the mention of going to the TAC server and half of the server emptying out that night. Robbie banned anyone associated with the TAC, CDU, EBDA, and Hood Alliance. If you want to play on their server, you need to go into their TS (on your hands and Knees) and Beg for Forgiveness! Good Luck!
  15. Rising Storm 2 : Nam baby

    I can't Stand LvLCap, but I did watch the review....... Looks GOOD, so good I bought it, and with the price being cheap, you cant go wrong!