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  1. BF4 Infantry server

    I'm willing to try whatever you think will help populate the server. However, when it gets near full, we should consider vehicles.
  2. BF4 Server.

    I'm all for a TAC BF4 Server, but please understand that getting a BF4 Server going now that BF1 is out is no trivial matter. Those of us that stayed on BF4 have tried and tried, but the population of players makes it nearly impossible to get more than a dozen or so players to join. We also lost Procon for the last several weeks so none of the balance or other features were working. Just look at the server browser on any given night and you'll see a handful of full servers and the rest have 3-5 players. In my opinion a BF4 server will only work if we get a bigger commitment from the Alliance to play on it each night. Otherwise we will continue to do what we are doing which is play together on other servers and deal with all the shitty admining and hackers. Just my .02 cents. JP
  3. Help me not suck!

    AUVY Get in the TS channel. Never play without a boost running. Pick one class and rank it up. I'd suggest to start with Engineer. Find a primary you like and stick with it. Slow the game down by not running into points on your own. Stay in cover until friends arrive. Get in Squads with people better than you and approach behind them. Chances are you'll cleanup kills that they started. Move, especially behind good players. Do these things and rank up some weapons and you'll be fine. BTW, you've killed me several times. Your're better than you think you are. Also.... TS is a great source of tactical info.
  4. Battlefield Server Status

    Thanks Gator
  5. EBDA alliance server

    Played on the mixed mode Server a few times now. Super fun and a great break from the ordinary. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome to The Armory. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.