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  1. How fast is your reaction time?

    Average was 217, best 190.

    Ah but elevators fly.. .

    No more tires....

    No explanation needed.

    Puts out that fire quick....
  6. How often do you change your password?

    I use random.org to generate 10-14 numbers (each 1 - 40 (26 letters, 9 numbers, !.@#$)) and then I build a password from there. e.g. 1 = A, 2 = B, 27 = 0, 36 = !. Completely random as far as I'm concerned and I try to do this every 90 days for all my accounts.
  7. So got this email today.....

    More technical document.
  8. Exactly. It wasn't a bad interface and I thought I put up a few screenshots of it.
  9. Trying BF1

    Flying... Can "glide" for a period of time if you throttle down, decreases the engine noise and helps in turning Damage affects one's ability to fly by causing the aircraft to veer in the direction that the control surfaces are damaged. Take damage to the right wing, the aircraft with dip and bank to the right Planes stall now and then nose over Like other vehicles the pilot can repair, found its best to repair 2/3s of the way through a loop so that you're flying up and somewhat into the center of the map, avoids flying out of bounds while repairing Hard to hit infantry in a strafe and the machine-guns don't do much damage to land vehicles The Bomber has the pilot drop multiple grenades Flak cannons are deadly to aircraft.
  10. Trying BF1

    Artillery is line of sight in the alpha, think anti-tank not howitzer. I honestly don't understand your comment on the vehicles. People are going teens/twenties and zero in the light tank. The ability to out drive a grenade before it does damage, the ability to drop a med kit or gas grenade and two types of ammo plus repair from the inside. No other vehicle in BF has had that. Looks like they nerfed the shotguns.
  11. Trying BF1

    There is a server browser, its not prominent compared to the game mode match making button. I like the dynamic conditions on the map Vehicles are over powered, especially the light (one person tank). With two round types (HE and Canister) two gadgets (alpha has the ability to drop a gas grenade (I would think mustard) and a medkit, as well as the ability for the driver to repair from inside, there is no reason to not be the light tank. Went 16-0 in my last game. Other than the light tank and armored car, infantry are faster than the other vehicles Artillery can have its facing changed but is not mobile, you have to reload after every shot and learn how to arc a shot for distance Zoom, minimal zoom capabilities Shotguns are great up close but have a definite range limitation Biplanes fly slow, not sure how else to describe it, it does not feel like you're flying the same vehicle as BF4 with a different skin Most of the terrain and buildings are destructable Instead of tickets counting down, points count up to 200, I suspect it depends upon the number of points held, similar to chainlink in that both teams can increment in parallel but based upon the number of flags captured at a different rate I've tried to take screenshots and fraps movie. Everything comes back with a black screen. EA/Dice have something preventing this. Screenshots from my phone of the menus.
  12. Trying BF1

    Already a thread.
  13. Trying BF1

    No. I signed up for the Battlefront Alpha and was accepted for both the closed Alpha and Beta and played the open Beta. I was active in the Alpha/Beta forums with issues. This one I heard nothing about or a place to sign up and today had an email from EA to join the alpha. Already have 4 bug posts.
  14. Trying BF1

    I got an email that just showed up and I installed today. Will do. So far its okay. Slower than BF4, land vehicles are very overpowered.
  15. Trying BF1

    Title says it all.