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  1. TAC "Unit"

    Wait, what ???
  2. U Fooz

  3. Banned on XtG Server. _

    problem solved
  4. BF1 Server Rented - TAC Platoon Created

    Pending request
  5. BF4 Infantry server

    Yeah, it's when the server is poor on people that vehicles maps make no sense to me. We can start with something like metro/pearl/lumphini/locker and when it's full, switch to conquest large vehicles Maybe increase tickets too ? 1000-1200
  6. Bow

  7. Bow

    Hello, sometimes people asks some questions on TS about how I use the bow. If you have a question, I will be happy to answer here. And here is a picture to explain where to aim according to the type of arrow and distance: BOW DOTS Beretta
  8. BF4 Infantry server

    Thank you Bullboy
  9. March DLC Details

  10. BF4 Poplulation

    Appreciate that ;)

    Would be a good alternative to decrease the price of 64 players server and not being too poor with 32 players
  12. BF4 Poplulation

    I can understand Gator's point of view. The Armory is his baby, managing all of this, and seeing the ambiance that flies in the BF4 area, it's normal to have this reaction. People making false accusations, insulting each other, etc.. For him, it's a waste a money. Although I would be sad to see the BF4 server disappear. So it's our job guys to keep this server OP, by stopping all kind of crappy accusations, insulting and stuff.. (accent imitation on TS just saying...) We need to give people the envy to come back. {I already hear people... "what a douche, he is one of those guys..."} I know that ;) That's why we need to support each other and playing the cop with who cross the line. We are supposed to be a friendly community. People need to follow the forum, it's always the same persons that check threads and replies posts. Everyone should take 5 min to check it. Being involved, knowing each other, etc etc And I know those days the money is an issue for most of the people, but I think we are enough here to support Gator.