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  1. Mosin Nagant

    hey i had a rough day at work needed something comfortable :0
  2. Mosin Nagant

    Since BF1 added the Mosin Nagant to the game, i thought id share a picture of my Mosin. I changed it to an archangel stock so that it wouldnt hurt the shoulder as bad as the metal butt plate from the original stock
  3. Look at what I bought

    wish I could buy one but cant afford it right now yet
  4. Reverse Censorship

    my ears are hurting hahaha
  5. Yeah the devs for this game are fixing every problem as fast as possible! When they introduced the rejoin feature, that same day they removed it from the game because it was messing up peoples game play stability, they fixed the problem just a couple days later and put it back in, they balanced weapons and server connections and made everything run smooth. I feel like i should now buy a key and see what i get, cuz I have a unopened box right now. over 200$ for an in game skirt I wish!
  6. Hello, All.

    Hi, have you played in our BF1 server at all? Or do you only have PS4 for Battlefield?
  7. Dominican Profile? player

    unless hes shooting through walls and pre firing every single corner with head shots hes probably not hacking. Good players prefire and do those things all the time, everyone is so ban happy and think theres cheaters on the server when its really not the case. If he was a cheater he wouldn't be on the leaderboard that high, and his progression matches his skill Just because I own BF1 doesn't mean I have to play it all the time, I have other games too and not strictly a Battlefield player
  8. Dominican Profile? player

    I'll look him up on youtube and twitch, I have seen a few professional BF1 players hop on our server a few times and people would call out hackers on them Also to add: It's not hard to get that amount of kills in a tank, if you main tanks only. Which some people do This player is #662 in BF1 score stats. He is very good player and nothing seems suspicious from his stats whatsoever.
  9. Warthunder

    I have it and play it once in a while, but its more of a solo play game
  10. Unwarranted Kick/Ban?

    I have to add that I myself am also guilty of banning/kicking players that I did not find right, but since then I have left it to others to ban because wehad instances of banned players coming to chat with us in TS. I do so regret any ban I have made and kicks that were not reasonable.
  11. PUBG IS in fact one of the games I can put my heart on that the developers are constantly at work and listening to the player base. They banned so many cheaters, there is basically no more that I see. And theyre always keeping up with the cheats.
  12. Unwarranted Kick/Ban?

    To prevent other unneeded bans from happening on the server, I believe we need to instead of banning/kicking people for chat behavior we have to warn them it is a rule to be respectful and to be no racism in the server. Then if they continue then they recieve a kick or ban. Its just not fair we cant warn them by server messages because RSP sucks. I think your guys' bans were undeserved and be lifted. I dont believe a cheater would go through the work to make an appeal on our website or post about it on reddit, and a cheater will most likely stay on official servers because they never get banned on there. Even if your chat was inappropriate, I think we should have approached that by a warning not just a ban right away. We cant change your opinion of our server, and we can't control what you guys say publicly about us, so if we have a tarnished reputation in the US battlefield community I would like to change that. I very do miss BF4 as our RSP was amazing, gator did a nice job setting it all up, the anti cheat system was pretty good too on there. The reason why we are so jumpy for banning on BF1 is, as everyone knows, DICE has shown us how they failed from the straight beginning of the beta where cheaters are everywhere. Now, most of them sit on DICE official servers because they dont dare to step foot in private servers from us, the quick footed admins. We are scary to them, so I dont think we will need to worry about cheaters very much.
  13. Unwarranted Kick/Ban?

    Well it seems as if we have some people who are not using the admin powers correctly eh? It is unfortunate that there is a negative reputation with our server on Reddit, but our only rules are respect and no racism, and no cheating. Obviously, we can't prove people are cheating unless it is blatantly obvious someone is shooting through a wall, so at least my understanding of kicking people for cheating is pretty much Null. I am a little angry at the fact that you and your friends have been kicked/banned, I haven't been on the server in some time but I hope other people will see your post that are admins and maybe step down with aggression? If there were any racial comments said, its an outright ban, now the disrespect aspect is fuzzy and hard to determine what is and isn't okay. Basically, if you're constantly complaining in chat about hackers, someone will tell you to stop. I have had instances where someone who call me a "F**king idiot" in chat after telling them to stop, so I would, in turn of being kind hearted and the fact we have limited ban slots, would merely kick the player, and sometimes even ignore it. I thank you for coming to our website and posting in our forums about this, clearly we are going to have to tell our admins and moderators to step down from jumping the gun and be more respectful to our player base, as we don't want our server to be empty all the time now! If you recall could you provide the names of the players that were online from TAC that you remember during your time? Then we can discuss and see what actually happened.
  14. Not a MP FPS but still you know you gotta play it.

    I agree this game looks great i cant wait to get it
  15. Banned

    I will talk to someone about it