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  1. Banned

    I will talk to someone about it
  2. Banned

    We dont take screenshots of every person who makes a racist comment, if we did, well, thatd be a waste of time and space. Unfortunately we dont have a way to post rules in the server about racism and such, but we dont like toxicity. And if you were given a warning and still did it.. well
  3. Server start today, or any day for that matter

    Ill play when i can, im working a lot though and county fair coming up so i gotta do stuff there
  4. BF1 July Patch Update (partial)

    i wish the quality was better of the gameplay, it looks like its 30fps recorded on FRAPS
  5. Who likes naked chicks with guns?

    oh boy
  6. BF1 Game updates COMING SOON!

    mine dropped a good 15 im not sure why
  7. BF1 Game updates COMING SOON!

    hopefully will make game more stable? ive noticed a big drop in FPS after recent update
  8. BF1 Specs

    my i5 3570K could not run BF1. The lack of hyperthreading in the i5 is the major reason why i wont buy one again
  9. PUBGs June Patch info

    I cant wait for these new weapons! im sick of the pistols currently in game and how useless they are!
  10. BF1 Specs

    do not buy a new generation i5 please people, they last only for 3 years and then you get bottlenecking on the latest games
  11. Server full at 9:30 am

    anyone getting on today? I have all day, need to get game time in, have 3 days off coming up!
  12. Battlefield 1 Signature (Armory style)

    thank you Gator! haha
  13. Battlefield 1 Signature (Armory style)

    well darn i clearly dont know what im doing help
  14. Awwwww shit. Look out beyotches

    lol EA is a kill joy
  15. Awwwww shit. Look out beyotches

    maybe its telling you to give it to me