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  1. How fast is your reaction time?

    215 average 198 best
  2. Need help im at my wits end

    Is that a legit suggestion that will fix something or are you being sarcastic I mean it is you bull you would try to pull one over on me lol
  3. Need help im at my wits end

    i appreciate the time you are giving trying to help so ask away and im not sure how old exactly cause i got it used and have had it myself for over 5 years it is a Asrock 890gx pro3 mobo.
  4. Need help im at my wits end

    Did a fresh install about 2 months ago of win 7 and yes uninstalled all of the network drivers and the problem happened even before the fresh install
  5. Need help im at my wits end

    You think it might be on there end
  6. Need help im at my wits end

    time warner
  7. Need help im at my wits end

    yes it was and it is out only used it to test if the onboard NIC was failing but then the wireless failed in the same manner
  8. Need help im at my wits end

    Forgot to say I had done the power stuff before and didn't work and I will have to drive to the city(hit up micro center) to get the NIC as the best buy in town doesn't have them go figure tried that last month didn't want to travel 30 miles for a $15 part if I didn't have to but that's life thanks though for the advice
  9. Need help im at my wits end

    yes all is up to date . it is an asrock board if that helps at all. the strange thing is that there is no error just drops similar to how you described. i have had the network tab opened in task manager to monitor it and it will go from 1 gbps down to 100mbps to 0 and will act as if i unplugged the cable myself rather that it shut itself off the motherboard is several years old now but worked fine till about 6 months ago when this started happening and it is uncommon for a nic to just up and fail but if it comes to it i am shopping for what i want to build in the future. also i forgot to mention that there are times where i wont have a problem with it for 3ish days and can play games but sure enough fail right in middle of a game
  10. Need help im at my wits end

    ok so this is how it works. my internet works just fine for downloading, browsing, and streaming, but when ever i load an internet intense game such as battlefield, war thunder, world of tanks,and rise of the tomb raider suddenly after less than 30 sec connection is lost and only way to get it back is to restart or disable the re enable network adapter(note game needs to be closed for this to work). now i can play minecraft online with no issues. i am wired but note that this has happened while having a wireless card in. only my desktop seems to suffer this annoyance. any help will be much appreciated.
  11. Very Creepy

    my wife hates me for showing her that thanks lol
  12. im still around

    hey guys just wanted to let you know where i have been. my parents have been going through some rough medical issues but are all good now. now i am leaving on a much needed vacation and will be back in a week or so. i cant wait to get back to gaming with you all and to find out how much has changed and to meet all the new faces.
  13. Battlefield World Premiere

    I am really kind of excited for this it looks awesome so far
  14. im alive!!!

    just wanted to let everybody know i will be back soon i had pneumonia for the first time in my life and all the coughing made me lose my voice for a week but im all good now
  15. best thing i read today

    Injured soldier: MEDIC!!! Medic: Do you have insurance? Injured solider: Are you a licensed physician? Medic: I have a red hat. Injured soldier: MEDIC!!! Medic: Is this a little bag problem or a big bag problem? i just thought this was too funny not to share