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  1. Tweaking ARMA 3 for better FPS

    I haven't played much ArmA recently, however, I do remember spending a lot of time trying to tweak my settings to improve my FPS. I think I finally decided on disregarding what the FPS count was, as the game was running very smoothly but only reporting something like 40 FPS. Sometimes I could see 50 FPS reported, but get some stutter in the gameplay. The biggest FPS drain was view distance. Once you have settled on what view distance you want, I would adjust your settings to that. (NB this was before the 64 bit version was released so I don't know what it's like now.)
  2. It still is a great game. The end game has been improved with the addition of Last Stand DLC (PvP) and several incursions / legendary missions (PvE).
  3. Awesome job with the editing!
  4. Ghost Recon Wildlands info

    I went for the Gold edition.
  5. Game availablity

  6. Battlefield 1

    So far I would say BF1 is worth it. I have encountered maybe a handful of hackers. Whilst annoying, once EA release their server rental program in November, admin rights and the ability to kick/ban should help eradicate any issues we encounter. For me, the worst issue at the moment is not having any hardcore servers, but again, that will be resolved in the coming weeks. Having to empty what seems like an entire magazine into someone to kill them is frustrating. At the right range though, shotguns are 1 shot kills and are my preferred weapon of choice at the moment. Also, you will be pleased to hear there is a healthy supply of snipers behind every corner, tree, rock etc., etc., etc. This is Battlefield after all .
  7. WWII Before And After Stills

    It's hard to believe, looking at some of the 'after' pictures, just how much carnage, devastation, and suffering, happened at those locations.
  8. Update log for my new mission

    Thank you, thank you. It's got a long way to go yet.... but it has potential. With the things I looked at last night (no spoilers), my ARMA 3 Universe just grew exponentially! Now to figure out how to use them best and if it's going to be compatible with our server.
  9. Mission: co40_ACS_v1_xx v 1_00 released 5/20/2016. v 1_1 released 5/21/2016. Added Base clean up (laptop). Added ClearObstruction for Bobcat AddActions fixed for MP environment Respawn loadouts fixed v 1_2 released 5/26/2016. Added more completion items for intel mission. Added hostage beacon locators/markers. Added custom vehicle loadouts. Still needs refining. Added AI para drop. AI skill levels changed from "infantry" to "SOF". AI for airfield defense task randomized. Added crew to static weapon spawns. Added transport chopper comm menu item. Improved randomized mission selection. Removed AI speech/chat dialogue. Fixed VVS so when dialogue is opened, vehicles on the pad are deleted. Removed hints from VVS - you already know what you spawned! v 1_21 released 5/29/2016. Ammo cache mission fixed. Hostage markers fixed (possibly - needs testing in dedicated environment). Changed mission completion parameters to enemies in area rather than enemies alive - for relevant missions. Para drop now repeats if mission last long enough and conditions are met. Overhauled the end task clean up process. Added clear wrecks to clear base (laptop) sequence. v 1_22 released 5/29/2016. Hot fix. v 1_23 released 5/30/2016. Temporary fix for hostage mission. Increased AI around hostages. Increased time between para drops slightly. Aquire prototype - inactive addAction to better identify target. Cargo container - inactive addAction to better identify target. SideChat now showing - specifically in "Airfield defense". to do: Spawn AI waves for defend missions Intel mission - search civ cars / area locator Add remaining missions/ think of more to add too Add heal option to repair pads - is it working? conflicting reports AddAction JIP needs work Highlight important text in mission description Spawn more infantry around objective locations Chopper load outs for spawn choppers Disable enemy fleeing Spawn Chopper markers Incapacitated markers to show on map ** Kidnap Officer - stop friendly AI shooting officer Spawn AI waves for defend missions Intel mission - civ cars / search / area locator? Add remaining missions Add heal option to repair pads - is it working? conflicting reports AddAction JIP needs work Highlight important text in mission description Spawn more infantry around objective locations * mission name, text, logos etc add player action to mark current location on map with a dot
  10. This was one of my earlier, more disastrous findings in the ARMA archives. It works but not the best way to do it. enableStamina false; works far better when placed in the initPlayerLocal.sqf. For missions that you can respawn in, add a respawn eventHandler too, with the same details.
  11. dice la camo run needed

    Sadly (but not surprisingly), nobody turned up..... again!
  12. Now that's what we need in ArmA! Dan would never be seen on the ground again .
  13. Battlefield World Premiere

    Battleships are back - according to the devs 'after trailer release' chat.
  14. Battlefield World Premiere

    If the "Price is Right!" thing is still going, my guess is 1914!
  15. Website Header is Temporary

    I think Patches account has been hacked!