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  1. Look at what I bought

    Nice, you can ride a bike like that all day long, and still walk .......
  2. Revolution is coming August 21st!

    Thanks for the update Axle.
  3. Battlefield 2018.

    I'd be happy with something similar to bf4 , current time and weapons, with bf1 graphics and hosted servers.
  4. Patch notes out as of last night.

    People really like the update based on first glance at the comments.....salty language :-)
  5. ARMA 3 Keyboard Cheat Sheet Sheet

    Thanks Gatornade!
  6. ARMA 3 TAC Test Server

    I just bought it. I am glad TAC is supporting the game with a server.
  7. Dragon Valley Easter Egg Runs

    I'll be there Sunday! Thanks!
  8. New bf4 Easter Egg DICE LA Camo

    Let me know what time on Sunday, your gonna want it!
  9. Welcome to the forums Waveman :)