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  1. I personally ping 120ish all the time to the TAC server because I'm on the west coast. We have the ping soft lock feature turned off for 100 ping.
  2. Nasty Battlefield 1 Hack, I caught on recording!

    Wow.. how is that even fun?
  3. BF1 July Patch Update (partial)

    VIA Twitter: 2 options for soft locking, and Patch is tomorrow July 20th!
  4. BF1 July Patch Update (partial)

    I hope the ping kicker is adjustable or optional
  5. How fast is your reaction time?

    Best i got was 244, I imagine my already high latency factors into my score a lot
  6. PUBGs Hardcore mode in July Patch

    This is great news! It's going to change the dynamics of the game up a lot!
  7. Lupkow Pass gameplay (Tsar DLC)

    Who wants to Joust?!
  8. City maps are my favorite, and I've got to say this new map looks great!
  9. BF1 Specs

    When I built my PC about a year ago, everything I read said you don't need an i7 for gaming. Most games don't use more than 4 cores. I guess it's been a year though, so that has probably changed lol I run a skylake i5-6600k along with 16gb ram and 970gtx and get zero studder on BF1 with max settings. I don't really see any games on the horizon that will be more graphically intensive then bf1.. but i'm sure when that 3 year mark hits your talking about ill be upgrading
  10. Server full at 9:30 am

    oh hell yeah!
  11. Battlefield 1 Signature (Armory style)

    Nice work Gator!
  12. 4 days with full tac server

    I will do my best to help yall out and idle to get it going. I'm usually home by 1-2pm PST. The DLC has really helped improve the game. The new bigger maps and more weapons have made a huge difference in gameplay.
  13. One of the better Clueless Gamer segments!
  14. Lousiest re spawn ever

    The biggest issue with spawning is the maps are ALL way too small! Love the game and will continue to play it though.. just ugh at spawns
  15. Recon Class Limit

    As much as i hate being on a team full of snipers doing nothing, I do not like this change. I love to play the scout class..